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100 Most influential Africans in Germany (MAG)  2012/2013 exclusive list ( Top 62 ) Following our

INTERVIEW: HON. COLLINS NWEKE, CHAIRMAN NIDO EUROPE “The Nigerian in Diaspora is generally hardworking with a

African Day Celebration And ACF Inauguration Buffet in Hamburg [caption id="attachment_1014" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Mr. Elombo

The History Maker: First German Federal Parliamentarian of African origin in the History of Germany “There

Why the night of African Diaspora Living Legend Day? The night of African Diaspora Living Legend

  My life’s ambition was to become an independent and successful business man Tony Nwankwo- CEO Nwankwo

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    [caption id="attachment_71" align="alignleft" width="461"] The complete E-version of the latest African Heritage in memory of Dim

    Opposition of the Signed Anti-Gay Marriage Bill is Opposition of Democracy “We must admit that the

    US: African Star Amida Brimah’s UConn Wins NCAA Basketball National Title Monday April 7th, the University

      Neuer Preis ausgelobt Kommune bewegt Welt – Der Preis für herausragende kommunale Beispiele zu Migration und

    Our Plan To Wage Jihad To Free The Abducted 200 Girls Assalamualaykum, We engage in Jihad (Struggle,

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