In the arid and semi arid areas of  Northern Kenya,Marsabit County, a powerful force for change has emerged from the shadows of a painful tradition. Fatuma Nabosu, a resilient woman, experienced the unimaginable at the tender age of 6 – Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). However, instead of succumbing to the cultural norms that perpetuate this harmful practice, Fatuma has transformed her traumatic experience into a beacon of hope for her community.

Fatuma’s journey began in the heart of Loiyangalani, Marsabit County, where the prevalence of FGM remains distressingly high. At the age when most children are exploring the wonders of childhood, Fatuma faced a perilous rite of passage that left an indelible mark on her life. Yet, this experience fueled her determination to break the cycle and initiate positive change.

Gargar Charity e.v Organization, founded by Fatuma Nabosu, stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to eradicating FGM in Marsabit County. The organization, named after the resilient Gargar tree that thrives in challenging environments, symbolizes strength, growth, and endurance.

One of the organization’s flagship initiatives focuses on education and awareness. Gargar Charity e.v actively engages with communities, schools, and local leaders to dismantle the deep-rooted beliefs supporting FGM. Fatuma’s personal narrative serves as a powerful tool, inspiring others to question harmful traditions and strive for a future free from the shackles of FGM.

The impact of Gargar Charity e.v extends beyond awareness campaigns. The organization invests in educational programs, providing scholarships for girls and promoting female empowerment. By increasing access to education, Fatuma aims to break the cycle of poverty and empower young girls and women to become leaders in their own right.

Moreover, Gargar Charity e.v has established Dakhane primary School that will acts as a support systems for FGM survivors, offering a counseling, medical assistance, vocational training and a home.  This holistic approach recognizes the multifaceted challenges faced by survivors and addresses their physical, emotional, and economic well-being.

Fatuma Nabosu’s journey from FGM survivor to a champion of change exemplifies the transformative power of resilience and determination. Her story resonates with countless others in Marsabit County, offering hope and a blueprint for a brighter, FGM-free future.

As Fatuma continues her crusade against FGM, Gargar Charity e.v invites compassionate individuals and organizations to join the cause. Your support can help amplify the impact of their initiatives, fostering a community where every girl is free to dream, learn, and thrive.

Together, let us stand with Fatuma Nabosu and Gargar Charity e.v in their unwavering pursuit of a Marsabit County where the echoes of empowerment drown out the painful silence of FGM.


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