Do you know that “The Committee on Diaspora National Assembly Nigeria is mandated to encourage and monitor diaspora network and organizations, assisting NIDO and the Diaspora community in the realization of their agenda and promoting institutional change to help public servants collaborate effectively with diaspora representatives.”

Do you also know that the proposed Diaspora Policy made provisions that Government shall continue to work firstly with NIDO and other relevant Diaspora associations including individuals to develop outreach strategies that will facilitate the involvement of Diaspora in national development.

In addition, Diaspora Offices shall be established in all the relevant MDAs to provide easier access to information and for better coordination with the Lead Agency on Diaspora matters and states and Local Government shall also be encouraged to establish Diaspora Offices.

The Diaspora policy also made provision for the Government to facilitate knowledge and skills exchange between institutions in Nigeria and Nigerians in the Diaspora in diverse fields with huge knowledge reservoir and skills which are needed for projects consultancy, technical partnership, networking and bilateral cooperation in the field of Law, Accounting, Mining, Agriculture, Energy, Health, Information Communication Technology, Travel & Tourism, Transportation and Real Estate, Infrastructure Engineer, Macro Economists, Water Management, Public Health etc. that keys into the current administration economic growth policy.

Photo credit: NIDO Europe Leadership summit with Chairman of ICPC Ekpo Nta

Specifically, in § 3.3.2 of the Diaspora Policy documents, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is also designated as the supervisory Ministry of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission as well as all Diaspora Affairs. It shall provide Policy guidelines for related issues and ensure that the Nigerian Foreign Policy gives priority to the protection of every Nigerian Foreign Missions to address diaspora.

In lure of this, the House committee on Diaspora of the 10th National Assembly led by Hon. Sir Tochukwu Chinedu Okere in collaboration with AMSA RESOURCES LIMITED, House committee on Monitoring and Evaluation of Adhoc and standing committee and other key committees in House of Representatives are to organize a 3-Day workshop and capacity building for selected staff of the various agencies under each ministry coming up in the last week of May 2024 in Kini Hotel, Nassarawa state. Each ministry is expected to select at least 3 participants from their various agencies and institutions for this workshop.

NIDO and Nigerians in Diaspora organization are expected to robustly participate in person or online.

For further inquiry, you may contact the clerk of the committee.

Mr. Kenneth Nnamani, Room H415, White House, House of Representatives wing, National Assembly Complex, Abuja. Tel: +234 8030402420, E-mail: or


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