Loiyangalani ward, experienced inter-tribal violence, banditry and cattle rustling, female genital mutilation,drugs abuse,early and forced marriages and early  pregnancy.This happens especially when schools are closed. Groups of youth held demonstrations and community forums to push for peace and diplomacy.DERASO FATUMA  NABOSU, longed for a way to unite and engage youth and  community in peace process. She came up with an idea to use sports to promote peace and eradicate harmful practices. Within community of Marsabit,discrimination varies based upon traits such as ethnicity. But, during sports when a team wins, celebrations cut across divisions between players. When a team loses, they grieve as one. During the game, each player cheers for their teammates, irrespective of who they are.Through our model, we unite different communities within our ward through sport and allow them to form teams and compete against one another by following rules of fair play. Individuals who have never engaged with one another-let alone practiced together-communicate, collaborate, form teams and bonds that extend beyond the pitch

During the long holiday months of November and December 2023,when schools are closed,DERASO FATUMA NABOSU,chairperson- Charity e.v Organisation, successfully organized Peace Tournaments in the location within Loiyangalani Ward,Marsabit County. This initiative engaged youths both in volleyball and football providing a constructive outlet for their energy. In an area prone to tribal conflicts, harmful practices such as FGM, drugs abuse, early and forced marriages, and gender-based violence, these tournaments served as a beacon of positive change.

Through sports, particularly volleyball and football, the program aimed to not only unite communities but also address pressing issues such as sexual and reproductive health, conflict resolution, and violence against children. The tournaments acted as a platform for dialogue, breaking down barriers of hostility and fostering collaboration among youths from diverse backgrounds.

In the spirit of promoting peace, healing, and tolerance, more than 2,000 youths from various locations within Loiyangalani, Olturot, Moite,Gatab and others participated in the Peace Tournaments. These events, supported by the Charity e.v Organisation, not only provided a space for friendly competition but also encouraged teamwork, fun, education, and physical well-being.

In a region where discrimination often stems from ethnicity, individual interests, and gender differences, sports emerged as a powerful catalyst for change. By transcending these barriers, the tournaments showcased the potential for unity, collaboration, and understanding. DERASO,through her innovative approach, continued to tap into the immense talent within communities, demonstrating the transformative power of sports in fostering a harmonious and resilient society.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each of you for the outstanding work done in organizing the Peace Tournaments in Loiyangalani Ward, even in my absence-DERASO NABOSU. Your collective efforts, diverse skills, and unwavering commitment were instrumental in turning this initiative into a resounding success. Bonke, your role as Community Liaison Officer showcased strong community engagement, while Mr. Pope’s strategic insights, Madam Saka’s contributions, and JB’s captivating photography added significant value and the entire committee. Your collaborative spirit and dedication are commendable, exemplifying the transformative power of teamwork. The impact of the tournaments stands as a testament to your exceptional abilities and commitment to positive change. Thank you for your invaluable contributions.



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