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Shirleyann Ede, Managing Director of Little Brothers Global Entertainments Ltd, an independent film company in Nigeria is confirmed for Frankfurt – Deutsch Africa Business Day & African Living Legends Award – Dinner Gala Night.

Shirleyann Ede is a film producer, director, and storyteller. She is the co-creator of “Shantytown” movie, currently streaming on Netflix originals.

Shirleyann Ede studied filmmaking at the prestigious New York film academy and holds a masters degree in European languages and integration studies (French) from the University of Lagos and also from université de Franche – Comte in France.

Her company is interested in stories that showcase the experience of Africans. So if you have a story to tell, meet Shirleyann Ede this Sat. 5th of August 2023 at NH Airport Hotel West, Kelsterbacher Straße 19 65479 Raunheim, Frankfurt starting by 17:30. Your story might be next on Netflix.


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