NYAC under the radical leadership of Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu (FIAP, CNY, MNI) the CNY, and other National Executives wish to commend your leadership prowess towards achieving a better and a new Nigeria as your contributions to national growth and development are commendable and glaring for all to see, we urge you to continue doing your best for humanity.

The Nigeria Youth Alternative Council – NYAC is a Member Body of the PAN Africa Youth Union PYU, an umbrella of youths in Nigeria and the diaspora also an affiliate of the National Youth Council of Nigeria ( NYCN), World Assembly of Youth (WAY), Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative for the Youths (CSRIY).

NYCN has the mandate to form a youth force across the country, as youths are the majority of Nigeria’s population according to the National Population Commission (NPC), and as such advocating for the use of  Numerical strength to elect credible leaders, interrupt the status quo, and cause a fundamental paradigm shift in Nigeria both the State and Federal level, leaders who will navigate the affairs of our nation, and use the credibility of leaders selection to contribute their quota to the peaceful co-existence and development of Nigeria…

[extract from the letter]


Icon Nixon Chukwuka Odimbu FIAP, CNY, MNI [Radical President NYAC]

Amb. Princess Onuoha Kelechi [National Secretary NYAC]

Comr. Bright Onyedikachi Samson [National Publicity Secretary NYAC]

Comr. (Mrs) Ruquayat Oyiza [National Financial Secretary NYAC]


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