…urges for collaborative efforts to guarantee timely and quality project delivery once awarded…

In a recent stride toward regional development, Honorable Kenneth Gbandi extends his commendations to Senator Ned Nwoko for his successful lobbying efforts, securing over N1 billion for constituency projects in the 2024 budget, as reported by „Our Heritage Reporters “. This triumph marks a significant milestone for Delta North and the broader Delta State community.

Hon. Gbandi underscores the pivotal role of Senator Nwoko in securing substantial constituency funding, stressing the need for ongoing engagement with key stakeholders in Delta North. Such engagement is vital to ensure that local developmental priorities are effectively considered, addressed and encompassed in project initiatives. He urges for collaborative efforts to guarantee project monitoring, timely and quality project delivery when such projects are awarded, emphasizing the responsibility of contractors and individuals tasked with project execution to uphold these standards.

Drawing attention to challenges outlined in the ICPC First Phase Constituency Projects Tracking 2023 report, Hon. Gbandi emphasizes the critical importance of accountability and transparency in project implementation. Addressing the irregularities identified by the ICPC in its 2023 report is imperative for ensuring efficient project execution. He calls upon civil society organizations and interest groups, particularly those within project areas, to rally behind Senator Nwoko’s initiatives. Their collective support is essential in holding accountable those responsible for project standards compliance, thereby ensuring that grassroots communities benefit from effective governance and the genuine efforts of Senator Prince Ned Nwoko and our elected representatives.

Joseph Adione (BSc, MSc), SA Political to Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, Delta North Senatorial Candidate (2023) / Kenneth Gbandi 4 Nigeria Organisation


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