By Hon Tochukwu Chinedu Okere House Chair on Diaspora NASS

Today, I stood up yet again to extend the voice of conscience, to speak for the voiceless and to represent the will of the common man, standing firm with Ohanaeze Youth Council to request the investigation and intervention of the Nigerian government on the wanton, unprovoked harassment, maltreatment, detention and sheer manslaughter of over 5000 Nigerian youths in Benin Republic prisons.

We cannot tolerate that!

It’s demeaning to our status as giant of Africa that our next door, land neighbour are showing such guts and arrogance against our national integrity.

I urged Mr. Speaker and the 10th Assembly to work through the Public Petition Committee, to make a resounding statement that would serve as a lesson to the government of Benin Republic, and indeed, Africa and the global society, not to dare treat any Nigerian with such disdain.

I also want the immediate release of those in unjust custody.

I am excited that God is helping us to make this progress, even as I need the continuous prayers and supports of people of goodwill throughout our nation.


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