By Kenneth Gbandi

For many of us with long diaspora backgrounds, accustomed to a society and political class striving towards the rule of law, accountability and good governance, the news coming from Abia state is refreshing. 

In a landscape where Nigeria is grappling with challenges of governance, Abia State is standing out as a beacon of hope under the leadership of Governor Dr. Alex Chioma Otti, OFR, spearheading an innovative solutions and efficient resource management that is redefining leadership paradigms in the country.

The recent celebration of 48 hours of uninterrupted power supply in Aba, Abia State, following the installation of the Geometric Power Plant, marks a historic achievement in Nigeria. This milestone underscores a state and people’s commitment to infrastructural development and improving the lives of all residents.

Amidst the current socio-economic hardships plaguing the nation, characterized by years of mismanagement and inadequate governance, Governor Otti’s administration stands as a shining example of effective leadership. Many Nigerians are wondering if we are on same country character with daily bewildering news of budget padding and political maneuvering, Abia State is witnessing tangible progress under Governor Otti’s stewardship.

The recent decision by the Abia State Assembly to halt the payment of pensions to former governors and their deputies reflects Governor Otti’s commitment to lean governance and prudent financial management. Spearheaded by Mr. Uchanna Okoro, the Majority Leader, this legislative action signifies a paradigm shift towards responsible governance and accountability. 

Governor Otti’s leadership mantra emphasizes the importance of prioritizing infrastructural development and reducing governance expenses. As Abia State sets a precedent for efficient resource allocation, citizens of other states are encouraged speak up and speak out to their leaders to follow suit and embark on similar soft revolution models.

In the face of leadership and economic upheaval, Abia State offers a glimmer of hope for Nigeria’s future. Through visionary leadership and a commitment to serving the people, they are reshaping the narrative of governance in the country, one innovative initiative at a time. As Abia State charts a path towards progress, the question remains: which state will be next to embrace this transformative approach to leadership?

Hon (Dr.) Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi is an expert in peace and security studies. Served as Anti-Discrimination Committee Chairman, Hamburg Senate Foreigners Advisory Council, current National Deputy Chairman (Diaspora Engagement) African Democratic Congress (ADC), and the longest-serving Diaspora leader (2013-2020). A Senate candidate Delta North for the 2023 General Election (


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