Re: All Nigerian Political Parties in diaspora Security Conference
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Our attention has been brought to the above subject matter of withdrawal of participation by APC. We were pleasantly surprised that APC Diaspora agreed to be part of this patriotic event in the first place. But it turned out to be a false hope. The current precarious security situation incubated, hatched and flourished under the APC incumbent government. We have had the hope that APC Diaspora will be different from APC Nigeria, which now turned out to be a false hope.

We are aware that APC Diaspora has been under intense pressure to pull out of this conference of national patriotic importance. APC Diaspora has also just shown that they are honestly not different from APC Nigeria and are afraid to speak up and speak out about the current security situation and sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. APC Diaspora has just, like their counterpart and parent body in Nigeria, put party above country. APC Diaspora, like all the other political parties, vetted and approved the final draft information for this conference that is currently in circulation.

The good News however, is that the conference meant for all courageous Diaspora Political Parties and courageous Diaspora at large and partners to Speak Up and Speak Out will proceed as planned on Sat. 27th Feb. 2021, by 6.00 PM Abuja Time and will be streamed live to diverse media platforms.

The worsening Herdsman attacks, reprisal attacks, kidnappings, and the exodus of Nigerians from their current locations reminiscent of the ominous past should worry all patriotic Nigerians. The conference would be an opportunity to draw the attention of fellow Diaspora and our international Friends to the need to undertake all that is necessary in order to avert what we see as impending dangers that will do Nigeria, Nigerians and the international community no good. Any person opposing this noble and patriotic call cannot claim to be a patriot. Are we being led by patriots? Let APC answer this question.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (MPS UPA)
Deputy National Chairman Diaspora
African Democratic Congress / Leader ADC-DN
All Nigerian Political Parties in diaspora Security Conference


Emeka Gbandi is the Chief International Editor of African Heritage magazine. He is an investment enthusiast , a copywriter with the Mildest touch who has created a niche in investment and ICT. Skilled and certified in social change and has a flair to creatively chronicle people,places and events portraying Africa and its rich culture and heritage.

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