It is important here to note that base on this notice and other previous actions undertaken by this fellow Ade Omole, who to the best of knowledge is an APC member and supporter here in the U.K., he has been leveraging on the opportunity of APC connection, with the Chairman of NIDCOM, Hon. Abike, whom herself is an APC chieftain, to undermine the legitimacy of the institution of NIDO/NIDOE as a government recognised body (Article 2. (1) a-(i-iii) and Article 2. b (i-ii) and C (i-vi) as well as Article 3 and Article 8 (d), (g ) and (h) NIDCOM ACT) to interface with the government diaspora agency. It is rather unfortunate that few elements in our diaspora community, are crafty hiding under the guess of the Nigeria diaspora as a generic name, to propagate and drive APC centric agenda for selfish purposes, to influence diaspora opinions at the detriment of overall structure Diaspora Agenda.

I would like to draw this issue to the attention of all concerned and meaningful Nigerian diasporas in, the U.K, across Europe, and around the world, that it is high time we stand up against the politicalisation of NIDCOM, by people who are taking undue advantage of the political influence in deducing the core functions and purposes of NIDCOM in relation to the legitimate diaspora organisation(s), interface.

It is absolutely distrustful and unfounded for any individual, with due to such any person, to wake or stand up from one end of the diaspora, (country) and ordering or convening a meeting of diasporas with the chairman of NIDCOM without appropriate and adequate consultation with NIDO/NIDOE for an action of collective responsibility towards the common good of all.

But if this individual or individuals continue to abuse the working opportunities of the legitimate diaspora organisation with NIDCOM, they should always realise at the back of their mind, that the occupancy of the office of chairman NIDCOM is not for life, and as such we should endeavour to set a positive precedent, that reflects the goodwill of purpose.

I therefore advise that as Nigerians both in the diaspora and at home, must learn to understand and appreciate legitimate constituted institutions and process of open communication and engagement for the greater good of our great communities. This APC elements should stop parading themselves in the context of a legitimate diaspora body and representatives, and allow NIDCOM to function in its full capacity as a government agency, responsible for the diaspora community, with its legitimate stakeholders bodies worldwide, and not with shadow APC party loyalist in diaspora.

We in NIDOE and NIDOWW are open and willing to work in collaboration, and in -conjunction with recognised Nigeria diaspora organisation or individuals with an open mind irrespective of our challenges. I am sure we know that APC equally have challenges even grater than NIDO.

I would be proposing to Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, Chairman NIDOE Europe to initiate both NIDOWW and NIDCOM to call for an urgent stakeholders meeting to review the core concept of Nigeria diaspora community and NIDCOM engagement, so as to determine the context of relationship and cooperation in the core spirit of NIDCOM ACT.

We need to make it very clear the legitimate place and relevance of NIDO under the context of NIDCOM and the worldwide diaspora community. I wish you all good health and well-being at this period of covid19.

Stay safe, keep clean and save life

Mazi Godson Azu,

Welfare Social and Event Officer NIDOE CEC


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