Hon. Saturday Jackson (Ma/res-Crimi)

We the members of Nigeria in Diaspora Political Movement (NDPM) Germany, extend our rousing congratulations and best wishes to Hon. Kenneth Gbandi for his re-election as president of Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) alongside with his newly elected officers on his pivotal event and victory.

Hon, the result of the just concluded NIDO election is a true reflection of your General acceptability and your belief in the course for a nation building a strong and unity Nigerians in Diaspora – Germany. I am optimistic that you will be able to infuse, great knowledge into the leadership of NIDO in Germany.

Hon, you may wish to know, that there’s a lot of enthusiasm and excitement here in NRW among Nigerians about your success as a president of Nigeria in Diaspora Organization Germany.
Secondly, we are fully committed to realizing the complete support and success for your new office

I ask Almighty God to bless you with His infinite wisdom as you continue the journey for leading Nigerians in Diaspora -Germany with a new style of leadership. I also wish to congratulate the umpires who conducted the election to be free and fair, in the capacity of the two representatives of the Nigerian Embassy in Berlin and consulate General in Frankfurt respectively.

However, there are still some pending issues to be resolved as you assume your new office, which must  be expedited and implemented for the benefit of Nigerians in Diaspora-Germany and at home, since the long expected change has truly come to stay as you commence your tenure as the new president of NIDO. Therefore, we solicit your support to facilitate through your good office as we suggest the followings as most vital important needs from our esteemed government for the benefit of overwhelming Nigerian in Diaspora -Germany.
Establishment of Nigeria Diaspora Commission. This will provide a platform for the purpose of utilizing the human capital and material resources of Nigerians in Diaspora towards the overall socioeconomic, cultural and political development of Nigeria and for other related matters. The commission would co-ordinate and harmonize all continental Nigeria Diaspora organizations, advise the government at all levels on matters relating to the Diaspora affairs. The commission will be saddled with the responsibility to reach out to Nigerian communities abroad through their various groups, organizations and professional bodies.
• Nigeria Diaspora Desk in the foreign Affairs Ministry to be installed and create a Data Base for Nigerian Professionals in Germany.
• Creation of a Diaspora Desk/ Seat in National Assembly to fully inform Nigerians and allow Nigerians in Diaspora Germany to sponsor bills as well.
* And most interestingly, implementing the, Diaspora Housing program.

Introduction of Nigerian National ID card to all Nigerians living in Germany. Reason: for identification purposes. It will also erase the nature of fraud committed by non-Nigerians here who yet claim to be Nigerians. It will help the host countries illuminate such misconstruction of fact. From the information gathered here in Germany all blacks who commit crime are counted as Nigerians but this will stop when the host country here knows that every Nigerian has a personalized ID card issued the Nigerian government to its citizens abroad.

Introduction of Voting Right for all Nigerians here in Germany through the embassy and consulates. Reason: since democracy is the practice of the people choosing their leader, government by the people and for the people, it will make every Nigerian proud to know that they all participate back home in Nigeria by joining in choosing the leader they all want. It will also show the whole world that Nigeria truly believes in implementing the principle of democracy to the fullest, which is what you already intend to do.


Your Faithfully.

Hon. Saturday Jackson (Ma/res-Crimi)


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