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Dissolution of NIPEG/ Integration of interested Members into Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Germany
During the 1st Conference of Nigerian Professionals and Entrepreneurs in Germany which took place on Monday, 6th  November 2006, at the Hotel Ambassador in Hamburg, over fifty (50) participants agreed to form  a profit oriented Nigerian professional and business Group called NIPEG.

NIPEG was conceived as a fusion between business and professionals that emphasis the synergy between professional approaches and realistic practical business goals and entrepreneurship, providing a platform for unifying professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses via Networking and Support that is profit oriented and  memberships restricted to Nigerians only.

The congress of Nigerian professionals than affirms that the initiative is not a duplication of the Nigeria in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO). Whilst at the core of NIDO is the clear mandate from the Federal Government to strengthen, leverage and facilitate the contribution of the Nigerian in Diaspora to national development, the Congress seeks through NIPEG to first develop a solid social, economic and political capital for Nigerians and by extension Africans living in Germany. This consideration and approach was adopted as a result of the inability of NIDO at that time to practically provide a platform for unifying professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses via Strategic Networking. The past two NIDO Executives had, however worked assiduously to bridge this important gap between the various Organizations in Germany.

It was based on this long, critical and intense consultation and consideration that the majority of the stakeholders of NIPEG gave their blessing for the official dissolution of NIPEG which officially opened the way for interested non NIDO members of NIPEG to be absolved into NIDO Germany without any complications. The strategy is also to re calibrate a body with a full fledge profit oriented Investment/business driven competence in good network with NIDO Germany and other German and Nigerian Business and professional Groups.

NIDO under this executive will continue this good initiative and seek further ways to work closely with all non NIDO Professional Groups in Germany, including Nigerian scholars in Germany and Nigerian Medical Association in a strategic networking relationship (SNR).


Hon. Kevin Uguru (PRO NIDO Germany)

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (President NIDO Germany)


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