Opened 17th March 2014
The Federal Government of Nigeria recently announced the names of two (2) Nigerians to represent the interest of the entire Nigerians Diaspora community in Europe on the on-going National Confab.
We consider it important to let our Voice be heard, and that our input should reach this National Conference.
In order to achieve this goal, we have decided to collaborate with the accredited delegates, who are representing our Diaspora community. The fact that the two (2) representatives are not members of NIDO EUROPE should not prevent us from employing them to channel our input to the national debate on matters that are of significant interest and benefits to the Diaspora community. Suffice it to mention that the two (2) delegates were vetted and recommended by an independent authority.
We would like to ask our members (Nigerians in Germany)  to submit input on issues that we want to be presented at the National Conference. We encourage all Chapter Chairperson to do the same. We shall forward the feedback to the delegates representing our Diaspora community. Please, consider the positive impact that our Voice can make and send your input by replying to this mail. The conference actually opened today 17th March 2014. Therefore, we request you to send your quick feedback so that we can present our contributions to our representatives by Friday 21 March 2014.
Our modus operandi is to copy the model used by our Sister body, NIDO AMERICA.
“Please ensure that the issues forwarded are diaspora-focused, non-ethnic and non-sectarian in nature, but issues  that address challenges faced, concerns noted or strategic proposals identified for building a stronger, more vibrant and peaceful Nigerian nation.
Examples of general issue areas include, but are not limited to the following:
Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit and its impact on Foreign Direct Investment;
Systemic corruption and lack of transparency/accountability in the public and private sectors and its impact on the Nigerian Diaspora morale and advancement;
Security as it impacts the safety of visiting and returning Diasporas;
Diaspora voting rights;
Diaspora Commission;
Gender equality in public and private sector advancement and pay.
Policy on Diaspora investment partnerships with structured and accountable government agencies;
Diaspora’s investment land/resource support & matching grants; and
Returning Diaspora “expatriate” policy, etc.
The format of submissions should be as follows:
“Three major issues I will like the delegates representing the Diaspora community on the Nigerian National Conference  to present at the conference are as follows:
Issue #2:
Issue #3:
Thank you” (source NIDO AMERICA, March 2014).
Mr. Pedro Eiya (NIDO Belux)
Dr. Emmanuel Oparaocha (NIDO Greece)
Dr Aniofiok Ntuk (NIDO Poland)
Prof. Charles Nwoko (NIDO Finland)
Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (NIDO Germany)
Mr. Issa Abdullahi (NIDO Swizerland)
Mr. Charles Uagboe (NIDO Denmark)
 Follow up communique signed by
 Hon. Kenneth Gbandi                                   Hon. Kevin Uguru (PRO)
President NIDO Germany                              PRO NIDO Germany



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