On the morning of Wednesday, July 10, 2024, Hon. (Dr.) Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi, the Deputy National Chairman of Diaspora for the African Democratic Congress (ADC) and the ADC senatorial candidate for Delta North in 2023, made a notable appearance on the Morning Ride show at Delta Broadcasting Services (DBS). In his discussion about the upcoming Saturday’s Local Government Elections, Gbandi emphasized the critical need to rectify past electoral mistakes and ensure that every vote counts. His candid discourse with the show’s hosts shed light on the necessary measures to uphold electoral integrity and the pivotal role of the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC).

Gbandi advised DSIEC and urged the people of Delta State to safeguard their votes. He underscored that both DSIEC and the state governor H.E. Elder Sherriff Francis Oborevwori have the opportunity to earn distinguished recognition by fulfilling their promises of a free and fair election. According to Gbandi, a transparent electoral process would cement the governor’s legacy, particularly as the upcoming Saturday’s election serves as a significant litmus test for the state government’s commitment to democratic principles.

The Deputy National Chairman stressed that any deviation from a fair electoral process would be tantamount to invoking a “Kenya phenomenon” in Delta State, a reference likely alluding to electoral violence and malpractice. Gbandi conveyed his confidence that the governor has assured citizens of his non-interference in the election, marking a potentially historic moment for Delta State if upheld.

Gbandi highlighted the Local Government Area (LGA) elections as one of the most crucial in Nigeria’s developmental framework. He passionately advocated for complete political and financial autonomy for LGAs, arguing that such autonomy is essential for true grassroots development. Moreover, he highlighted the pressing need for food security within the state. Ensuring the safety of farmers and protecting their livelihoods from attacks and crop destruction was a focal point of his message. He called upon the government and legislative bodies to rigorously enforce the ban on open grazing, citing the alarming and unacceptable frequency of farmland destruction by cattle.

Gbandi’s appearance on Morning Ride was a clarion call to action for both the authorities and citizens of Delta State. His emphasis on electoral integrity, political autonomy, and agricultural security resonated as key elements in the broader narrative of sustainable development and democratic governance. As the state gears up for the LGA polls, his words serve as a reminder of the power of collective vigilance and the importance of each citizen’s vote in shaping a fair and prosperous future for Delta State.


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