Hon. Sir Tochukwu Okere, Chairman of the House Committee on Diaspora, is set to meet with Nigerians in Ghana at the Nigerian Embassy in Ghana. The primary focus of the agenda is the welfare of Nigerians living abroad and how the House can introduce legislation to enhance their safety and well-being. A key discussion point will be the Diaspora Voting Bill (HB 1396) to amend the 1999 Constitution, which has already passed its first reading. This landmark move by the National Assembly aims to foster inclusivity by allowing Nigerians living abroad to participate in national elections. Additionally, the meeting will address the NIN-Diaspora enrollment and other matters concerning the treatment of Nigerians abroad.

Hon. Okere hopes to engage with his Ghanaian legislative colleagues on these critical issues, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts to protect and support Nigerians in the Ghana. These initiatives reflect a broader commitment of National Assembly and House Committee on Diaspora to enhancing the rights and protections of Nigerians, regardless of where they reside, and to strengthening the ties between Nigeria and its Diaspora community.


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