The address by Ralphs Okey Nwosu, National Chairman ADC on the Commissioning of the ADC Ogun State Campus and the June 12 Youths Centre, and the inauguration of ADC Grassroots Movement


Let me first of all compliment all of you ADC faithfuls. Your loyalty to the party is beyond comparsm. For being faithful and staying strong, I say congratulations to you all. Listen to me, it would not be long, your commitment and patriotism will moph to a mosaic of colours, bright enough to illuminate the national consciousness for a rebirth. Success beckons. The sweat from our struggle will be the healing balm in Gilead. So I say congratulations.

Today you saw what happened at the Presidential June 12th event in Abuja. June 12 rejected the people. It is not ADC or opposition. June 12th the symbol of the 25yrs of Democracy knows the true Democrats and the Vanguards. Nature will take its course so long as we serve a sovereign God. I have no doubt that our democracy has come to stay but all the pretenders must be exposed. I can assure you that the coalition of political parties, civil societies and workers who toil day and night for family and community will emerge victorious. Under the national youths Leader Comrade Nixon Odimbu and She-youth Leader Hauwa Yussuf, the ADC June 12th event made a clarion call to all the young people in Nigeria to take responsibility for their country and democracy. Now in Ogun State, the National Secretary Alhaji Said Baba Abdullahi and the national Legal Adviser Barr Peter Iyiola Oyewole are here to commission the June 12 Youths Centre. Ogun State is the birth place of the marthyr MKO Abiola. May his soul continue to rest in peace. ADC will build the June 12 monument in Egba land.

I weep. I feel so much pain. No one will believe that a NADECO chieftain will be President of Nigeria and the people will be in such despair. NADECO chieftain replacement of the koboko with red iron and pepper punishment for citizens is evil. An oppressive and heartless government cannot be said to a counterforce to a military government. Therefore something is definitely wrong with Tinubu government and it is incumbent on true Democrats to come together to redirect the sinking ship of state.

The political party is one of the most foundational democratic institutions. The syndrome of Power by all means have led to a hijack of government at all levels by crooked minds who desire power for ominous reasons and not for public good and continued nation building. To stop them, we must say no to those who see the political party as‘Special Purpose Monluè and business men political mafiasos.

The transition journey has started. The chronicle of event to Herald the Nigeria and democracy of values, justice, fair play and sanctity of votes and citizenship. Conversations, genuine discussions are going on. I am only a messager. The country needs missionary as Vanguards for democracy and nation building.

Ogun State holds the ace. Never allow the men of the moment to make you loose sight of the medallions. Recall that in 2019 Ogun State gave ADC Governorship candidate an underdog, without war chest and state treasury over one hundred and seventy thousand votes, I mean real votes. In the last election, even after majority of our candidates opted to support the incumbent administration, ADC Governorship candidate still recorded close to one hundred thousand real votes. This shows that ADC is a government in waiting. We need good party leaders and managers and quality candidates. 2027 will be a clean sweep. For Ogun State and for Nigeria in general, the palliative governance, loan and investment falsification must give way for ADC Handshake and transformation paradigm. That is the message for today, our sermon on Olumo Rock.

We shall build peace, unity, and complete harmony with our symbolic empathetic HANDSHAKE. For Nigeria, we pledge our stand on this June 12 with clear understanding and commitment to hone Handshake, love and peace across Nigeria, across the continent, and for global harmony. This is our leadership Mantra. As ADC members, we must be soldiers for democracy and country and missionary patriots.

God bless you all. God bless ADC. God Bless Nigeria.

Ralphs Okey Nwosu; National Chairman ADC.


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