I am profoundly thankful to God for his mercies and protection during my electoral stewardship in the recently concluded Presidential elections in Nigeria, the land of my birth.

I wish to use this opportunity to thank my very good friends, who stood by me in prayers in the noble cause of entrenching democracy in Nigeria.  To my loved ones and acquaintances at home and abroad, who gave me words of advice, tips and motivations on how to stay resilient in the course of contributing my quota to building my father-land, I say you are all highly appreciated.

My special thanks go to Nigerians who turned out in large numbers defying all odds; rain, sunshine, fearful predictions, even electoral lapses to exercise their civic responsibilities on the 28thand 29th of March 2015.

My many thanks will not be complete, if I do not salute Africa’s most recent living “Peace Legend’ President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.  Sir, you have brought back pride to Nigeria with your world acclaimed democratic credentials and statesmanship. To more inquisitive Nigerians, who understand geopolitics than the peripheral, the re-election project of President Jonathan is one we shall never forget in a hurry. The national and international political matrix and intricacies, surrounding the election is better left as “research” for future Nigerian historians.

I congratulate General Muhammed Buhari, the President elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for his victory at the concluded 2015 Presidential elections. At this point, I will like to say, now is the time for all we Nigerians to work together for the sake of posterity and the socio-economic development of our land. Governance is about continuity, it is a relay race, passing the baton from one political party to the other as exemplified in other developed democratic countries of the world. General Buhari is no longer the President elect of APC but of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Like every other Nigerian, it’s part of my civic responsibilities to respect him and the office he is about to hold but equally am at liberty to criticize the modus operandi of his governance if there are reasons to do so.

It is then imperative that the views and voices of 12,853,162 million Nigerians, approximately 43.67% of the country’s population, who voted for President Jonathan are respected and taken into consideration in the next four years by the newly elected government.  It is also very important that many of us who enjoyed unlimited freedom of expression prior to this election continue in the same momentum to convey our ideas and thoughts, never to be cowed in or intimidated by the threats of those we differ in ideologies. Without fear or prejudice, we shall continue to be patriotic in our pursuit to entrench a greater Nigeria.

Personally, it was a great privilege to be part of this historic process of Nigeria’s quest for greatness and a new democratic nation, where religion and tribe no longer qualifies you to hold a public office but rather credibility and competence.

From my desk here in Hamburg, Germany, where I am glad to be back to, permit me Walter Onoh, to use your text to conclude my debt of gratitude to Nigerians.  “I join you (President Goodluck Jonathan) in (your) total submission to the perfect will of God for our beloved country Nigeria. You have reinstated your commitment to the affirmation that no political ambition is worth the innocent blood of any single Nigerian. You laid down your crown for the land and people you loved so dearly. You are a Hero…! Indeed Change has come and you are that change. History will remember you and God will reward you for this sacrifice of Love.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (M.P.S)


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