The African Community in Germany was agog in celebration, in the biggest Show :

Afrika Community award honouring African, superlative achievers in the Diaspora, in genre of Social Engagement, Sport Engagement, Business Engagement, this event was sponsored, powered by Money Gram, packaged by reputable PR Firma za:media,, The Africa Community Award had more than 150 African structured Organisations, individuals who have accomplished par excellence in their various projects, ideas, disciple of Engagement here in Germany and Europe.

Five Jury member was selected to determine who, which Organisations would win the prize money, first position of 4 from different categories would win first prize 500 Euro, four people from 4 different categories of 2nd prize 250 euro, respectively.

The 1st position in the category, Social Engagement goes to Maishae e.v,Frankfurt.
Second position goes to Kita Sankofa from Berlin.
Category :Business C. E. O goes to Oriwo Design!
Category, Business C. E. O

2nd position :Tabotgraphy.

Category Sports Engagement.
1st position, FC Afrisko Berlin.
2nd position
Titan. E. v.







Category Culture,.
Verein Roots and Wings e. V.

2nd position :Africa Charity und Kultur. e. V

The day was sparkling with glitz and glamour in Frankfurt City for this spectacular event, Africa Community Award.

African Heritage Magazine was ably represented by Freelance Journalist Prince Abiola


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