I bring Ireland the message of peace and unity for a purposeful homeland development: Greetings to NIDOE Irish Chapter from NIDO Europe Headquarters; including the Central Executive Council (CEC), the distinguished NIDOE Europe Board of Trustees (BOT) and with the supreme authority of the entire Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE), which is comprised of 23 Chapters in 21 European countries, the European arm of the Nigerian Global Diaspora network (NIDO), the official organization facilitated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to represent the interests of all Nigerians as continental organizations (Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette No. 67, Vol.104, NIDCOM Act), to channel Foreign Direct Investment from Diaspora to Nigeria through advocacy, networking, partnerships, and bilateral cooperation wishes.

Standing on these great lofty expectations, I am very optimistic about the family meeting schedule for the 25/01/2020. It is not unusual to have differences in opinion in every democratic institutions. NIDOE cannot be different and I am glad and privileged joining this family meeting. We will however not bend, waver or accommodate individual or group of individuals, who may wish to hold in contempt the rules and procedures established by our foundation fathers and mothers both at National or Continental levels. The current executives wish to use this opportunity to read the riot act that the days of one parliament, or self overrated and acclaimed “me or no other person” in NIDOE is over.

NIDOE must lead the global effort for complete democratization of Nigerian Diaspora Organisations within and outside NIDOE. We do expect a serious push back with all the tricks and mud throwing from the pit of hell that they will manufacture to hit back at us, but we will take consolation in the fact that “the most fulfilling times in one’s life are those times when he/she is in the service of others” (Charmaine J Forde). Let us remain focused on doing the right thing for the truth always wins in the end because it can never be created or destroyed, it’s just the truth! So help us God.


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