The Chairman of the Central Executive Council (CEC) of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization of Continental Europe (NIDOE), Hon. Kenneth Gbandi has commended the Federal Government of Nigeria for taking a pre-empting measure in closing Nigerian borders to some of the COVID-19  prone countries including countries from the European Union. Such measures are in line with the Global efforts to curtail the spread of Corona virus (COVID-19). While commending the FGN, he however stressed the need to show maximum transparency in the effort to combating the spread.

While the good news of improvement in the treatment of the first COVID-19 patient in Nigeria is a thing of joy and a welcomed development, it will however be good to know what treatment was administered to the patient that improved his condition. What are the conditions of the other passengers on-board the Turkish airline?  How did the Airline managed securing the pressurized cabin, so that only the Italian man having stayed on-board for more than 6 hours, coughing and sneezing, eating and using the aircraft toilet is the only COVID-19 passenger? How are other known cases fairing? Apart from the standard quarantine procedure, what other plans or procedures are in place and how can one access such updates with regards to the reported cases in Nigeria in addition to the daily media update on COVID-19?

Hon. Gbandi advised that a comprehensive answer to these questions will further strengthen the confidence amongst the general public that Nigeria is fully prepared to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria. He further advised the FGN to shutdown schools, restaurants, markets and all non-essential gathering for at least three weeks with the exemption of food, medical and other essential services; and use this period to conduct as much COVID-19 test as possible to ascertain the true spatial spread and degree of COVID-19 infection in Nigeria. This exercise will further act as a good exercise for COVID-19 task force to demonstrate full preparedness to combat COVID-19 in Nigeria.

The NIDOE Chairman also advised members to take the opportunity of regular update on all NIDOE forum for real time updates about life saving tips and situations in various European countries that will have far reaching implications for Nigeria and Nigerians. He also advised them to check and double check any information before sharing it to avoid unnecessary false alarm, misinformation and waste of productive time reading inaccurate posts and to keep safety first at all times as they diligently go about our daily businesses in this Coronavirus (COVID-19) period. He stated that many Diaspora Medical personnel will be available to assist with such COVID-19 test when required.

Hon. Gbandi call to FGN and his address to Nigerian Diaspora took place today 18.03.2020 during NIDOE-Media Global chat on the implication for Nigeria and Nigerians as EU shut their borders in a partial shutdown as measures to combat the spread of (COVID-19).

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi is the Chairman of NIDO Europe, which is comprised of 23 Chapters in 21 European countries in the European arm of the Nigerian Global Diaspora network (NIDO), the official organization facilitated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to represent the interests of all Nigerians in the Diaspora including NIDO Americas, NIDO Europe, NIDO Asia, NIDO Oceania and NIDO Africa as continental organizations (Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette No. 67, Vol.104, NIDCOM Act).

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