In the introduction of Love And Sorrow we are introduced to a teenager that has so many hopes, possibilities and dreams for her future. Just like any other teenager she wants to enjoy her teen years however her teenage years are cut short by the accidental ‘ love of her life’. When she meets Kevin Mbatha her life comes to a massive stop.
She falls in love and falls pregnant which leads to countless events that she encounters.

Love And sorrow by D.N Kodisang

This book is recommended for all female gender most especially the adolescent and teenagers who still have lot to learn ,unlearn and relearn; who still need guidiance and who are still confused on the next step to take in life.

It is centered around social issues that woman go through on a daily such as depression, anxiety, teenage pregnancy, suicide etc

The book was published in 2021

It recieved an award from the Book Behind Awards under Best Young Adult Author

It has only been available in South Africa however there are plans to make it available in other countries and also on a Amazon

Award Best Young Adult Author

About the Author

Dineo Kodisang

Dineo Kodisang is an 18 year author that was born and bred in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. She is a go getter that does not let the world limit what she can do. She is a writer at heart and a blogger most of the time. She is a female that many believe has shown great courage to follow her dreams and succeed. Some believe that she is a true example of never giving up. She is a bright individual that loves her craft and she realizes that as much as she has not reached the stage she wants to be in she has done so amazingly and most of all she is finally an award winning female author, that’s all she’s ever wanted .

Dineo Kodisang the author

she can be contacted on

Instagram and Twitter : dynamicaura_1


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