made a call to his administration to take all steps necessary to confine electoral violence into the dark pages of history beginning with the upcoming LGA elections

I sincerely congratulate you on your election as you begin the courageous task of leading Delta State in the direction of hope, justice, economic security, and social equality as encapsulated in your manifesto.  

After a one-on-one meeting with Sir Monday Onyeme and the privilege of a close door interactive meeting with Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborovweri and his team in Asaba respectively before the election, I was personally convinced that their vision for Delta State’s prosperity is based on a genuine drive to create a Delta State where there are hope, justice, economic security, and social equality. I value such intentions and promise to make Delta State decent again.

Recall that on Monday 6th March 2023, the Delta State ADC political party in a meeting held at Asaba, the State headquarter agreed to endorse the ticket of Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborovweri and his Deputy Sir Monday Onyeme. This came after days of brainstorming with relevant stakeholders from both sides. It was a unanimous and public affirmation that Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborovweri and his Deputy Sir Monday Onyeme are by far better alternatives to all other Delta State gubernatorial candidates and their deputies. From us, it was a promise made and a promise kept. 

As expected, during the election, Deltans from different political spectrums were at their best to promote candidates of their convictions. Members of Delta indigenes in the Diaspora were not left out. Some contested under different political parties and some were also on the ground to cast their votes and others as Diaspora observers. It was a bitter-sweet fight for democracy. Now that the gubernatorial election is officially over, it is time to close ranks and join hands with all in the task of state building, which is a continuous enterprise.

I also humbly urge H.E. Rt. Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori Governor-Elect of Delta Stateto quickly move to unite Deltans and to also reach out to Delta indigenes in Diaspora to harness the enormous yet hugely untapped professional and entrepreneurial potentials. 

As a person and member of the African Democratic Congress (ADC], I look forward to supporting the government of Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborovweri and will rally Delta indigenes in Diaspora to provide all necessary support but also to engage your government in constructive, effective, and responsible criticism as a political party to make sure that the development trajectory of Delta State is improved and sustained for equal, fair, just, and a strong united Delta State that will be the destination for smart investment and youth capacity building.   

In that spirit let me conclude by drawing our attention to the fact that though you have emerged Governor-Elect and all democrats are obliged to respect that, we can not ignore some allegations of irregularities from some quarters. It will be a mark of statesmanship on your part to do all within your power to support the consummation of the rights of those that challenge the election outcome as long as the due process of law is followed. In other words, I am using this opportunity to call on the Governor-elect to do everything in his capacity to create the enabling environment to allow opponents who wish to seek legal redress to do so without intimidation. Beyond that, I believe it is a reasonable expectation for Deltans to see your administration take all steps necessary to confine electoral violence into the dark pages of history beginning with the upcoming LGA elections. 

May wisdom, courage, and excellence mark your service to Delta State.   

Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi

A 2023 Senate Candidate Delta North, ADC Deputy National Chairman [Diaspora Engagement], Continental Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Professional Group (NIDO Europe 2016 – 2020) and Member Hamburg Senate Advisory Council (2011 Legislative Period)


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