HON KENNETH GBANDI in this writeup clearly states his vision and mission for Delta state North senatorial District. If voted in surely there will be a revolution that with time will spread down through Delta state to all other state. The revolution begins with you vote ADC vote Kenneth Gbandi.


Gbandi4Senate: Summary of Core Vision and program

  • Address income inequity and to put a stop at the irresponsible “Jumbo” Senate Salary & Benefits.
  • While awaiting the passage of the Bill into law, to dedicate a considerable chunk of my Senate Salary to support a sustainable Youth/Graduate Startup program to create wealth for the people of Delta North and Nigerians.
  • To dedicate a considerable portion of my salary towards Health Care Support for the most vulnerable in my constituency, especially the women and the retired senior citizen that have worked and served us for years but unfortunately still waiting for their pension fund or pay peanuts for their hard-earned contributions to pensions funds and some dying for heartbreak and disappointment.
  • To build cross-party alliances to remove big money out of politics and make our electoral system fit for purpose, such that your character, compassion, and vision especially as young Nigerians determine your journey into politics, and not how deep your pocket is, or how connected you are.
  • To champion a paradigm change in our approach to international development. Dipping into my Diaspora exposure and experiences, to build Global investment and partnership alliance making towns in Delta North an example of Global twin-city and Global partnership.
  • The comprehensive development and commitment will focus on the rebirth and renewal of our natural resources, tourism, education, agriculture, and healthcare.
  • Specifically: We will development Agricultural enclave in all the 9 local government areas together with our German partners (GLI) and introduce agro added chain and open local and international market that will create thousands of jobs.
  • We will continue with our youth and Capacity Building and Business Development strategy that have trained over 200 youth in delta state, to make Delta State, Delta North in particular a regional IT hub and business incubator: Under IT will intensify on our ICTechnology and Business Efficiency so that Delta youth have the enabling knowledge and capacity of using IT in streamlining, optimizing, and automating processes across board. We will further key into Professor Mogahlu´s Fish for life Digital skill initiative, Chukwuka Monye´s technology sectors initiative, Dr Favour Ayodele´s Internet of things initiative and smart initiative from Joyce Nsaka and Dr Davison Israel that will be lifting Nigerian youth out of poverty.
  • Delta State is blessed with Natural resources, we will roll out a maritime template that will create wealth for able bodies men and women in Delta State, creating subsidiary employment through creation of maritime servicing capacity initiatives and rolling out maritime training programs that will create SMCs services
  • In collaboration with The African – German Information Center (AGIC), my organization in Germany, we will implement Skills in Solar and renewable energy designed to train youth who have attained a minimum level of education to acquire and create an energy society that is flexible, friendly, sustainable, and affordable and above all to make a conscious effort for a transfer of solar technology to Delta State Nigeria. The solar training is designed for the optimum acquisition of solar technology knowledge and skills within a very short time, model after the award-winning UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development Decade 2012/2013 program. Youth will be equipped at the end with certification as solar technician for streetlamps, solar technician for solar house installation of up to 20 rooms, solar technician for connecting generated solar power to a public power system.
  • We Will build a cross-party alliance for deep constitutional reforms, including security sector reforms, resource management reforms, Tax reforms and Diaspora Voting Rights.
  • Delta North, Constituency Projects will be all inclusive and needs of the community gauged via robust consultations and townhall meetings. I will not only advocate for but will mirror Meritocracy, Equity, Solidarity, and Innovation (MESI) in the running of my office, especially Constituency Projects.
  • We will find the answer if we don’t have one and I will work tirelessly to accomplish these solutions. We have done in the Diaspora, and we will do even greater in Nigeria and Delta State. For your questions and more join us for the Global Press Conference 16th April 2022 @6:00 PM Abuja Time

Emeka Gbandi is the Chief International Editor of African Heritage magazine. He is an investment enthusiast , a copywriter with the Mildest touch who has created a niche in investment and ICT. Skilled and certified in social change and has a flair to creatively chronicle people,places and events portraying Africa and its rich culture and heritage.

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