Surrender to current economic stand still and hardship or stand up for a fresh political breath: 170 Reps already failed to win their Party Tickets for Re-Election. For so long political elites and their inner circles are using same old political gimmicks to retain political position for themselves: Best global schools and universities for their children & relatives:  Choice jobs in banks, oil companies and lucrative appointments, special contracts, and political positions to their chosen favourites while the number of youths and graduate unemployment skyrocketed? We hear billions of Naira approved for projects with no visible economic and social impact. All that is about to change.

As already outlined in my program, my first Bill as Senator will be to address income inequity and to put a stop at the irresponsible “Jumbo” Senate Salary & Benefits. While awaiting the passage of the Bill into law, I will dedicate a considerable chunk of my Senate Salary to support a sustainable Youth/Graduate Start-up program to create wealth for the people of Delta North. I will equally dedicate a considerable portion of my salary towards Health Care Support for the most vulnerable in my constituency.

I will passionately serve the people of Delta North leveraging on my national and international contacts to attract development to the region, especially in the areas of agriculture, ICT, and tourism. We already put in place Green4life initiative, an agro-Biz initiative with Agro enclaves across the 9 LGA that will produce 4000 direct Jobs and 10.000 indirect jobs in 4 years. We have already commenced Diaspora Village Delta State (DVD) Initiative that will provide thousands of jobs for Delta youths in artisan jobs through direct training and direct labour deployments to great wealth for them and their families.

I will be relentless in my advocacy for Meritocracy, Equality, Solidarity, and Innovation (MESI) in government and governance so that constituency projects are transparent and tailored to the need of the people and for the people. In addition, we will pursue green energy initiative and training of Delta northerns in Smart Solar Technology and certifications within a very short time using UNESCO 2012/2013 training model on green energy and solar Initiative etc. I am not running to defend my business interest or the interest of political friends but in service of the good people of ANIOMA so help me God!

A political tsunami is about to climax in 2023 elections sweeping away over recycled politicians. The wind of change is coming to Delta North!


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