Engr. Brisbourne Iyamu

President/ CEO

Bratco Overseas is a technical oriented supply and maintenance outfit with head office in Hamburg, Germany


This article was  first published in Nigerian Year Book Germany 2009 and republished as part of the ongoing debate about the comment credited to Ambassador Abdu Usman Abubakar that Germany does not have many Nigerians and the few ones available are busy fighting each other to make any meaningful contribution

The Company

Bratco Overseas is a technical oriented supply and maintenance outfit with head office in Hamburg, Germany.

The Company was established 1995 for the sole purpose of providing technical services and supply of Aero nautical engineering, industrial material, mechanical, electrical, maritime, Petro Chemical, Military equipments, Marine and Offshore Equipment brokerage services.

Field outlets in some overseas countries including Nigeria.


We have been in the business of supply installation and maintenance of various technical equipment. We also have an outfit which handles shipping, forwarding and clearing agency that ensures speedy and fast movement of all our exports and import in and outside Europe most especially Germany.

As an aviation & maritime consulting company, we handle various technical maintenance and supply of aviation & maritime spare parts, technical personnel. We also arrange periodical checks and inspection of military aircraft and naval vessels for European companies and our various clients world wide.

One of the basic requirements of the export trade is fast and efficient handling of consignments. Our own shipping department ensures just that. Furthermore we are able to offer our clients best possible freight rates and consolidation of consignments based on a long term experience as forwarding agents.

In Oil and Gas industry, we supply spare parts for turnaround maintenance in refineries.


Engr. Brisbourne Iyamu is a member of the following professional bodies:

Society of German Engineers (VDI), Düsseldorf, Germany.

Society of German Marine Engineers, (VDSI), Hamburg Germany.

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (S.N.A.M.E) New York USA:

Institute of Engineers and Technicians (M.I.E.T), London, UK:

President of Nigerian Professionals and Entrepreneurs (NIPEG) Hamburg, Germany



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