Dear Members and Stakeholders

This is to inform all members of NIDO Europe that, contrary to the notice being circulated about the change in the date for the Diaspora Day 2015, the Diaspora Day (DD) was celebrated by NIDO Worldwide in Abuja on July 25th, 2015 – as indicated in the DD national calendar. The DD, which held from July 23rd to 27th was funded entirely by the Diaspora.

In line with the decision of the NIDO Worldwide Leadership, the NIDO Europe is dissociating itself from the proposed August 24th & 25th DD, noting that DD 2015 has been celebrated on July 25th, 2015, in accordance with the date approved in the National Calendar.” Accordingly, all members of NIDO Europe are advised to disregard any notice or publications to the contrary. NIDO Worldwide wants to reassure its members that the proposed DD celebration in August is a duplication of an event that was already celebrated.

Please pass this directive on to all members who are not in copy. Similar directives will be circulated to NIDO members by the leaderships of NIDO in America, Australasia and Africa in due course.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do NOT hesitate to direct them to the NIDOE Secretariat at A copy of the Communique/Press Release presented to the Nigerian press following the DD celebrations on July 27th is attached for your information.

The Board of NIDO Europe thanks all members for complying with this directive.

Kind regards,

Ikenna Ugwu

General Secretary-NIDO Europe

Ikenna Ugwu
General Secretary-NIDO Europe

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