Send Forth Reception for Mrs. Sadat Hassan (Immigration Attaché I Germany)

Dear Friends, recall- Mrs. Hassan was Awarded as one of Nigeria’s most outstanding Leaders of the Year in the Diaspora (Germany) 2014, by NIDO Germany in recognition of her invaluable and outstanding contributions in re-positioning work value at the immigration Department of the Embassy of Nigeria Berlin, Germany and for her  dedication to the affairs of Nigerians in Germany.

Mrs. Hassan led her team to introduce simple but effective systems of service delivery to help dignify Nigerians at the Embassy, including separating consular section for Nigerians, Mother /Children care section, quick service delivery for nursing mothers,  etc.  I am honored as Chairman of NIDO Europe to join our able Acting President of NIDO Germany ( Kenneth Alaekwe, and Mrs. Mary Bruder our Treasurer NIDO Germany) to organize a send forth reception for Mrs. Sadat Hassan Immigration Attaché I embassy of Nigeria Berlin, Germany.

Following our Sent-Forth Reception for Ambassador John C. Ejinaka (Consul General of Nigeria Frankfurt), we want to continue to use this opportunity to send such positive signals that good initiatives are not only monitored by NIDO but that they are well  appreciated where necessary.

Therefore, with the permission of Mr. President NIDO Germany, Please join us on Saturday 25th March, 2017 at the Reception Hall of  Jesus Miracle Harvest Church Int., Koloniestr. 29, D-13359 Berlin, Germany from 13.00 CET-17.00 CET prompt.

Kindly indicate your attendance!  Contact the President NIDO Germany or any of the NIDO Germany executives.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi

Chair NIDO Europe






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