We would like to offer you our sincere congratulations upon the confirmation of your appointment as the Chairman/Chief Executive of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM).

We wish you a successful tenure.

We at the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Worldwide (NIDOWW) pledge our full support to your office and look forward to a productive cooperation with the Commission.

Due to the popular demand of our members, who would like to know the functions of NIDCOM and, therefore, what to expect from the Commission and how to engage it, we hereby humbly request for a copy of the Act establishing the Nigerian Diaspora Commission.

We intend to make the copy of the Act available to the generality of the Diaspora.

We would also like to submit to your attention the list of the nominees from the Continental Bodies as vetted and approved by NIDOWW.

Once more, we congratulate you on your assumption of office and look forward to a fruitful partnership with the Commission.

Sincerely yours,


Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (Chairman, NIDO Europe)

Engr. Obed Monago (Chairman, NIDO Americas)

Engr. Prof. E. C. Ejiogu (Chairman, NIDO Asia)

Dr. Obinna Kingsman (Chairman, NIDO Africa)

Hon. Gary Linus Unamadu (Chairman, NIDO Oceania)



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