By Christian Chinedu Eborah

Here we go again with the general elections politics about to commence next year, 2023, in Nigeria.

Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi, Hamburg Germany based strategic thinking Nigerian, is a ubiquitous soul.

He is seeking to represent his people as a senator at the highest law making body, the Senate, in his native country, Nigeria.

Like Charles the Gaulle, a General, who left Paris to England to fight to restore the dignity of France or what he called, “A certain idea of France”, Honorable Gbandi will hope to abandon a life of tranquility and comfort and relocate to his homeland.

He will try to address the legion of issues and challenges confronting his constituents at the Parliament, in what I term; A certain idea of Delta North!

Honorable Gbandi is a man steeped in Philosophy. He is determined to expand the reach of the African Democratic Congress Party ( ADC), the platform on which he intends to aggregate the demands of his people as Senator.

He believes, as profound, the Party’s values of Patriotism, Equity, Leadership, Inclusion, Accountability, Knowledge.

Around the globe, there are three basic sets of qualities that voters expect politicians to display.

Competency, Integrity and Authenticity.

How does Honorable Gbandi measure?

In Nigeria, there is deep scepticism of elected official. They are assumed to be out of touch, self – Interested, dishonest, self pragmatist and opportunistic.

There are deep trust issues in the polity. The electorate regards the politician with contempt.

In contrast, Honorable Gbandi brings a bit of uniqueness to politics. He comes as a redeemer.

Interestingly too, Honorable Gbandi possesses a high rate of competency on the job he has applied for. He has served in the Senate Foreign Advisory Council in Hamburg and has related closely with Parliamentarians in Germany.

Kenneth Gbandi’s Integrity is never in doubt. He is honest, true to principle and keeps promises. Honorable Gbandi will not indulge in Politics of cunning and subterfuge.

He is an authentic voice from the Diaspora.

Why is Honorable Gbandi running for office?

In a clear and genuine contract with his Senatorial District brothers and sisters, Honorable Gbandi has averred, That his number one goal as a Senator will be to effectively represent the interest of his people of Delta State North Senatorial District and Delta State.

  • To promote effective oversight of the Institution of Government (MDAs) Federal Republic of Nigeria under the African Democratic Congress Party (ADC), for an equal, fair, just and strong united Federal Republic of Nigeria.

At the Senatorial level, he will focus on the following areas:

— Actualization of the Global Principle and Spirit of 5 Ps of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from Federal to Local Government with focus on:

— Basic Health Care.

— Knowledge transfer in areas of ICT and Agriculture.

— International students exchange program.

— Intervention and National Start-up support initiatives.

— Security Sector/ Institutional Reforms.

— Rule of Law and Accountability.

— Sports and Recreational facilities development.

— National and International rebranding to restore our International respect.

—-International Co- Operative and Partnership for National and Global peace.

This author has a smattering knowledge of who Honorable Gbandi really is. Much of my general impressions of him is based on what I gathered from him and people who know him closely.

However, it will suffice to note that it’s been nearly twenty years ago, since I had a first time physical meeting with Honorable Gbandi and he left me a lasting impression.

For a total stranger, he appeared disarmingly receptive, honest and forthright. He exuded self confidence with a macho presence. When he spoke, he did with zest and detail.

John Anonyai is a close friend to Honorable Gbandi. They grew up together in the quiet and serene Akwukwu Igbo village of old.

I sought to know the man Gbandi from the eyes of his friends.

Mr Anonyai, now a Marketing communications Consultant, described Honorable Gbandi as a, ” frighteningly intelligent, cerebral and resourceful person”. When he sets his mind on something, he never relents until he achieves success, he said.

“Honorable Gbandi believes in Nigeria. He believes in his people. Whenever an opportunity presents, he spends his money to empower members of his Senatorial District”.

Desmond Okolo is a Stuttgart based Nigerian, he is presently on holidays in Onitsha, Anambra State

Desmond have known Honorable Gbandi now for about ten years. They first met at a meeting of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe, NIDOE.

“I immediately took a liking to him. As our leader he was honest, transparent and firm. We eventually became close business partners and friends” Desmond said.

Mr Okolo believes Honorable Gbandi will be a good and reliable Senator because of his experience.

It may appear, perhaps, that Honorable Gbandi has a date with FATE. His fatalistic attitude to life notwithstanding, he equally appreciates the value of self effort. So, he regurgitates the importance of clear conception, planning and execution. Indeed, a brilliant mix of two Philosophy.

Honorable Gbandi’s closeness to the German Chancellor, Olef Scholz and the Bundesregierung is not simply symbolic. It is an interesting insight on the network of potentially useful connections he possesses around the globe, having served under him in Hamburg Senate Foreign Advisory Council in Hamburg and SDP party member.

Delta North indigenes must take advantage of the situation. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine.


Emeka Gbandi is the Chief International Editor of African Heritage magazine. He is an investment enthusiast , a copywriter with the Mildest touch who has created a niche in investment and ICT. Skilled and certified in social change and has a flair to creatively chronicle people,places and events portraying Africa and its rich culture and heritage.

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