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Who we are:


The organization NIDOE (Nigerians In Diaspora Organization Europe), is the umbrella

organization of all Nigerian immigrants who decisively and actively wish to participate in

development of Nigeria and in building true developmental bridges with host countries in


Nigerians In Diaspora Organization e.V. (NIDO Germany) is the German based association

and our goal and mission is listed in our constitution which you can request from our

secretariat. You can support us


An expediently important meeting

Nigerians In Diaspora Organization e.V. (NIDO Germany) is stepping up efforts on hosting

delegates of Nigerians from all around Europe to a crucial meeting in Berlin on the 11th day

of February 2012.

We want to use this session to brain-storm for ideas and find solutions that would help the

country Nigeria at its current critical crossroads. The out-come of this meeting will be

communicated to the responsible authorities in Nigeria. You can support us


Top on the Agenda

  • · The recent unfolding events which may lead Nigeria to a political quagmire:

o The resurgence of BOKO Haram in Nigeria

o The meaningless killing of Christians and bombing of churches in Nigeria

o The issue of fuel subsidy, the drastic effect on the economy,

o Reaction of the civil society, the Nation-wide Strike/s by NLC

o The effect of endemic corruption in Nigeria.

  • · Strategic roadmap:

o The Diaspora National Development Strategy (DNDS), a policy for a more

structured approach of the Diaspora to national Development.

o Bi-Election to the vacant offices and hand over of the leadership of the

organization to a new team. You can support us


Who is invited?

We invite Governmental bodies, European based Nigerians in Diaspora and their various

NGOs and friends of Nigeria that share the idea of the Nigerian Project.

You can support us



Proud financial facilitator of this important  conference



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