Official Media Presentation: Afrika in Hamburg

-The Pathfinder (Wegweiser & Information Broschüre)






It is my great pleasure and with a deep sense of humility, to present to you “Afrika in Hamburg -The Pathfinder (Wegweiser & Information Broschüre). Hamburg is a multicultural modern society with over 1.8 million citizens. Sizable parts of this population are people with immigration backgrounds, 30% to be precise, of which over 35,000 are of African origins. This brings with it, a colourful and vibrant diversity but also, special challenges. As a newly elected Representative of the African Community in Hamburg, who has spent over 13 years in the services of this Community, I am proud to say that statistics support the fact that the African communities have long showed their readiness towards integration in Germany. In fact, a large number of Africans have long integrated themselves into the various business fields and have made Hamburg their permanent home.

In spite of our diverse cultures, religions and political affiliations, we all have one thing in common, the beautiful city of “Hamburg”. We all have to live here together, work here together and grow old here together. “Afrika in Hamburg -The Pathfinder (Wegweiser & Information Broschüre), a compilation of important information and institutions in Hamburg is part of our contribution for information rich, peaceful, productive and culturally diversified city of Hamburg. We hope Afrika in Hamburg -The Pathfinder will help immensely in quick, precise and useful information towards finding the right help and information both for the African community and other Hamburg citizens.


We hope to update it every year and will be glad if you will be one of our partners in the upcoming edition.


Hon. Kenneth Gbandi

African Representative, Hamburg Senate Integration Advisory Council

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