Africa-Fair-Hamburg from 25 – 27. Mai 2012The “AfrikaAfrica association” commissioned the company “Franke Spezialreisen UG” to
organize the “Afrika-Messe-Hamburg” (Africa-Fair-Hamburg). Purpose of the association “AfrikaAfrica association” is to help needy orphans and street children in Africa by raising funds and donations. These funds will be in the construction and maintenance of orphanages used. “We want to show the visitors also the continent with all its wealth of African art and culture, its diversity of peoples and landscapes, but also its opportunities, problems and changes”, siad the organizers. Besides the exhibition we offers an interesting program of presentations, more opportunities to gather information on people and places. There will be arts & culture, accessories and travel offers and featured on various projects attention. Those interested can try out African culinary specialties. So use the African-days to promote themselves, their products, their teams and their projects.
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