“This journey will be brought to a successful, spectacle and a logical conclusion with the election of Dr. Karamba Diaby into the German Bundestag 2013″

Germany is about to make a historic leap into the future. Not with Daimler Benz, BMW, Audi or VW nor with high speed trains and breathtaking technological breakthroughs, but a historic step in the areas of social, cultural and political integration of Africans and indeed immigrants at one of the highest organ of the Federal Republic of Germany, “The Bundestag”.

You do not need to be an apostle of any political party or be interested in politics to appreciate the enormity of what is about to happen. For the first time in the history of Germany as good as humanly memory can go, an African immigrant is about to be elected into the sacredness of German Bundestag, where the future of Germany and Europe is discussed and decided. Who would have dreamt about that 50 years ago?

This is another sure confirmation that the only permanent phenomenon in life is change and I am grateful that Germany my home and SPD my party is about to pull this historic feet.

As one of the founders of “Soziales Netzwerk für Mitglieder der Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland (SPD) mit Afrikanischer Abstammung”, this is a great moment of joy and excitement for Germany and a further confirmation that SPD “Braucht alle Köpfe” and the wind of integration has finally caught up with Germany.

This historic journey started on October, 6th in 2012 when Dr. Karamba Diaby was nominated as SPD parliamentary candidate for Bundestagswahl 2013, for the Constituency 72 (Halle, Kabelsketal, Landsberg und Petersberg) and the train pulled through Hamburg on the 25th of May 2013 during the historic African Day celebration at, Hamburger Saal, Berufsförderungswerk Hamburg, August-Krogmann-Straße 52, in 22159 Hamburg from 12:00.This is not a party affair, if you believe in the concept of integration, if you believe in the wind of change, if you believe in multi-culture and diversity, if you believe in the future of our children and the immigrant’s community in Germany, if you believe we are also residents of this great country Germany. We toil in this land, Germany and so we should also reap here. As you begin today, to show your love and support, kindly keep in mind that goals need to be set and we need to act our part now and support his election materially and financially. Support “Team Dr. Karamba Diaby for German Bundestag 2013”.

This journey will be brought to a successful, spectacle and a logical conclusion with the election of Dr. Karamba Diaby into the German Bundestag 2013. As also “Mitglieder der Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland (SPD)” I call on all my Genossen irrespective of federal state to show the true spirit of the founding fathers of our great party and join in solidarity and celebration of this achievement as the first Germany political party to elect a “Genossen mit afrikanischer Abstammung” into German Bundestag.

You can do this and more. Send Dr. Karamba Diaby a message of solidarity on his Facebook-Account “Dr. Karamba Diaby”, visit his web pagewww.karamba-diaby.de”, and click the link “Unterstützen/Support” (send a photo and a short message to team@karamba-diaby.de). Every cent and every Euro has only one language: “Solidarity – We want Dr. Karamba Diaby in the German Bundestag in 2013”. Remember that as we make our bed so shall we lie on it and what ever a community sow shally they reap. Let us sow a political seed today, a seed of integration. We cannot allow this opportunity of history making to pass us by.

Account for donations:

Account number: 384305025 Bank identification code (BLZ): 80053762 Bank: Saalesparkasse Halle Recipient: SPD Halle

Reference/Purpose: Spende Karamba Diaby

 Election of Dr. Karamba Diaby is a win win situation for Germany, for integration and for SPD. Please don’t be left out!

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi is a member of Integrationsbeirat, Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, representing Africa Region, and also a member (Speaker/Sprecher) of the African consultative Forum (AFC) and the initiator of the Soziales Netzwerk für Mitglieder der Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland (SPD) mit afrikanischer Abstammung

Contact: info@kennethgbandi.com


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