1. Vision HELBIN believes that in pursuance of Christ’s admonition to us in Mathew 6:9-10, a Heaven on Earth society is possible if Christ command to love each other in John 13:34-35 is adhered to by all  His believers if also sincerely promoted and pursued.

2. MissionWe at HELBIN believe that in agreement with Proverbs 14:34 “That righteousness exalts a nation while sin is a reproach to any people”. Hence, we are committed towards raising Christ-centered leaders whose love for Christ shall form the bedrock of our collective existence as believers world over. To this, we call on all true followers of Christ to join us in this unique global mandate towards the attainment of a society free of hatred, wickedness, diseases, immorality, hunger, lack robbery, social/spiritual unrest et al in the spirit of Acts 4:38 & Galatians 6: 2

3. Postponement of the Let Your Light So Shine Summit Owing to the prevailing security challenges in the nation especially in the southeast zone, HELBIN as a caring and people-oriented movement considers the safety of our people of Paramount importance to us than anything else. To this effect, we sincerely regret any inconveniences this postponement decision might cause you and the general public nevertheless,a suitable new date shall be duly communicated accordingly once there is normalcy in the land.

4. Effective membership/partnership encouraged-  The surest way to move God to act on your behalf is by partnering with His will to fulfillment. Therefore we sincerely encourage all registered and not yet registered HELBIN members to become financially supportive and committed to this noble vision and to all lovers of God in Nigeria and globally to support us in the promotion of the work of God towards a better society where love for brethren will reign supreme as committed to us in order to attract God’s continued blessings and protections upon you and loved ones even as we assure you of our regular prayers and a reminder to our God in the order of Psalms 50 5,14-15, 91:13-16 and Isaiah 62:7-8 as revealed to us from the foundation of this mandate.

5. Reconciliation Mandate Is The Evangelical Media Broadcast Of This Ministry- We want to use this opportunity to thank  Chief Hon Kennedy Zanders for his special support towards the growth of this mandate through the spread of the word of God by giving us free weekly broadcast of Reconciliation Mandate on his Zanders radio 105.7 FM station every Sunday by 8:30 am. We pray God to reward you Sir greatly in all fronts while appealing to other Concerned Citizens of Heaven and lovers of Christ to support our Evangelical media broadcast through Reconciliation Mandate to reach more audiences towards the attainment of a Heaven on Earth society our Lord Jesus Christ prayed and committed to us. We hereby invite you to partner with us in spreading the good news of Christ and your rewards shall be great in Jesus name amen, see Daniel 12:3, John 15:8,15-16,1John 3:21-23,5;14-15, Psalms 68:11, Romans 10:9-15 amongst others

6. Evil Shall Slay The Wicked Never again shall we as the light of the world keep quiet for the wicked to reign mayhem on our land! To this effect, therefore, we at HELBIN hereby join faith with Christian Association of Nigeria and all the people of God globally to decree sudden disaster and end of life to all those attacking and killing our people as well as their sponsors in Jesus unchallengeable name, amen. We decree total doom to all those attacking believers of Christ and plotting the end of the church of Christ in this nation to be supernaturally be thrown into extinction with their sponsors and promoters like the stubborn Pharaoh and his armies in the famous Red Sea encounter in Jesus mighty name, amen. We appeal to all believers of Christ to make this solemn declaration every morning and night for 12 solid days starting on Monday 24th May 2021, you can add fast as it’s okay with you and the Lord of Host will have his way here again and forever

7. The Time For Nigeria To Restructure Towards A New And United Nation Is Now. HELBIN as a movement for the enthronement of a better society hereby commend the Southern Nigerian Governors on their newness quest for justice in Nigeria through restructuring demands to this effect, we humbly appeal to President Buhari, all the Northern Governors, the entire members, and leadership of the National Assembly, the judiciary, all other relevant stakeholders and all people of good conscience and lovers of Nigeria to jettison all forms of primordial, selfish and sectional sentiments to ensure a speedy enthronement of a well balanced restructured Nigerian State without further delay towards the attainment of a new and truly united Nigerian society of our collective dreams where justice, fairness, equity, love, patriotism shall reign supreme to the admiration all nations . We mean, this should be done before the 2023 general election considerations.

8. Establishing HELBIN mandate in all cities of the world. In pursuit of a global family of Christ adherents, we have set a 100 million Global membership target by 2030 hence we call on all lovers of Christ and this vision anywhere in Nigeria and the world over who wants to establish HELBIN chapters in their respective cities and nations to contact the management for for approval. Together we can achieve a lot for the good of humanity unto the glory of our God. Mathew 18:18-20, Genesis 11:6.

9. General appreciation, HELBIN leadership wish to sincerely appreciate everyone who has at one time or the other supported and contributed financially and otherwise towards the growth of this mandate especially Dr Max Ugwu, Mrs Appolonia Omeokwe, Mrs. Stella Amadi, Lady Ebere Gomwalk-Ijere, Barrister Kenneth Udeze, Deacon Ideato C. Ideato, Mrs. Medina Okeleke, Emeka Eziefule, Emeka Umeh, Ambassador Mrs. Ijeoma Obiezu, Prince Francis Chilaka, Evan Kingsley, Joe, Professor Nathan Uzorma, Clinton, Emeka Onyekaba, Hon Donatus Ozoemena, Hon Sunny Inyima, Mr/Mrs. Urewuji, Mr/Mrs. Mbachu, Mrs. Nneka Duru, Mrs. Ngozi Mbadugha, Mrs. Chinwe Onwude, Chris Ufere, Uche Aso, Chris Edeh, Engr Chukwuemena Amadi, Chris Otaigbe, Prince Joseph,Dr. Ogbonna amongst many other people who are so dear to my heart and I pray that the good and faithful God who separated, revealed and committed this mandate to me shall undoubtedly protect, and reward you richly beyond measures as covenanted in Jesus Christ mighty name amen.

SignedRev Emmanuel Ikechukwu Omeokwe for and on behalf of the HELBIN management.For inquiries please call/ WhatsApp: +234-81-331-30-520 or +234- 741-53-732Heaven Link Believers—- Heaven on Earth lifestyle is possible.HELBIN—Let Love Reign


A scientist, writer, enterpreneur, activist for good governance, singer, Mrs Gomwalk-Ijere is actively involved in politics in Nigeria and Africa as well as youth, women empowerment. Founder Ebere Ijere Foundation she reaches out to orphans, widows and the less priviledged. A Pan Africanist, she loves African culture, food, history and music. www.ebereijerefoundation.com www.rdmerlabel.com www.chanteafrique.org www.duuchifoods4u.com Natures Marble Dew, Augscorp International.

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