Africa Region is presenting the highest numbers of Associations for Hamburg Senate Integrationsbeirat Election 2015: Moved from 2 to 3 slots

Africa Region is presenting the highest numbers of Association for Hamburg Senate Integrationsbeirat Election 2015, 81 to be precise by official record from BASFI, making Africa the most active community in the issue of integration in Hamburg. This in many expert opinions is a testimony of active community awareness and mobilization by the members of the Integrationsbeirat representing the African region for the legislative period 2011.

This is 2015 and 11 candidates are contesting for 3 positions one of them is the Editor in Chief and publisher African Heritage Magazine Hon. Kenneth Gbandi. Others are Dahmani Lembarek, Awo Gladys, Collison Sonja, El Korchi-Burchert Dounia, Ismail Ismail, Gerlich Sylvaina, Asare Emmanuel, Belhadj Abdelmalek, Akanno Henry and Nass Twerefour Yvonne.

The accredited African organizations are:

Abed Deutschland e.V.
Abiriba Union Hamburg e.V.
Adangbe Society Hamburg e.V.
Adina e.V.
African Christian Council Hamburg e.V. (ACCH e.V.)
African German Network Association – AGNA e.V.
ANA e.V.
Anglophone Cameroon Culturale an Developement Association e.V.
Associacao Palanca Hamburg e.V.
Association des Ressortissants del la Menoua de Hamburg e.V.
Association des Ressortissants du Haut-NKAM Hamburg (ARH) e.V.
Äthiopisch-Orthodoxe Gemeinde e.V.
Atwina Association Hamburg e.V.
Aweda e.V.
Awka Senatorial Union e.V.
Balimaya-Ton Hamburg e.V.
Book Xalaat Senegal e.V.
Central Faith Ministry e.V.
Centre International D’Adoration Du Christ e.V.
Chapel of Believers Int. Christian Ministry
Christ Ambassabors Ministries e.V.
Christ Apostolic Church International, Germany
Christ Impact Ministries e.V.
Christ Is The Answer Ministries e.V.
Christ Redemption Ministry Int. E.V.
Communaute des Burkinabe CBH e.V.
Dahiratoul Ribhu SUG e.V.
Das Deutsch-Algerisches Kulturzentrum e.V.
Delta State-Nigeria e.V.
Dendi Merfo e.V.
Deutsch-Algerischer Kulturverband e.V.
Deutsch Marrokkanischer Kultur Kontakt e.V.
Edikanfo Radio e.V.
Edo Community of Hamburg e.V.
Egbe Isedale Ati Ilosiwagu Omo Yoruba e.V.
Enugu State Cultural an Development Union e.V.
Esan Union Hamburg e.V.
Femmes Camerounaises de Hamburg e.V.
Gambia Bolonkono e.V.
Ghana Ex-Servicemen Association Hamburg e.V.
Ghana National House of Chiefs GmbH e.V.
Ghana Senior Citizens Club e.V.
Ghana Union Hamburg e.V.
Ghomala e.V.
Grace Assemblies of God Church e.V.
Guinea Frauenverein in Hamburg e.V.
Hansa-Guinee-Plus e.V.
House of Love Ministries Int. e.V.
IKA Union e.V.
Interkulturelle Begegnungsstätte e.V.
International Action for Social Work-Inacsow e.V.
Islamische Gemeinde Sabikun e.V.
Islamischer Verein Tawba e.V.
Kammerunischer Studentenverein Hamburg e.V.
Landesverein der Ägypter in Deutschland e.V.
Meshama Foundation e.V.
Ministere Moissonneurs du Christ e.V.
Ministere Sangdu Christ e.V.
Miteinander in Bergedorf e.V.
Nasrul-Faida-Moschee e.V.
New Glory Ministry Int. Hamburg e.V.
Nigerian Community Germany e.V. Hamburg
Okigwe Progressive Union e.V.
Orlu Senatorial Development Union e.V.
Owerri Developement Union
Oyo-Oshun Social Club Hamburg e.V.
Resurrection Power & Living Bread Ministeries International e.V.
SchlauFox e.V., STS am Hafen
Sekyere Kroye Kuo e.V.
Senegal Verein Hamburg e.V.
Soninke e.V.
The African Muslim Assocation e.V.
The Edo Community of Hamburge . V.
The True Light International Church e.V.
Togoische Gemeinde in Hamburg e.V.
United Church of God e.V.
United Sierra Leoneans Hamburg e.V. (U.S.L.H.)
Wurzeln in zwei Welten e.V.

Hamburg is one of Germany’s largest commercial ports and second largest in Europe. It is a media city and a commercial hob to millions of people across the world. A Gateway to the World, it has been described by many as the highlight of the German North. Hamburg is a green city, accessing the picturesque rivers the Elbe and Alster. The new Hafen-City, historic “Fish Market” and “Reeperbahn” are some of the sites and features that make Hamburg one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But, Hamburg is also more than that, it is a multicultural “welt stadt” with a population of about 1,7 million people, of which 28-3% are immigrants. Over 35,000 of these people are of African descent, bringing with their cultural diversity, the vibrant and positive energies of Africa and also, its challenges. Part of these challenges is managing the cultural diversity. One of such instrument is the Hamburg Integration Council.

Hamburg Integration Council

Integration is a task for civil society at large, one that requires the involvement of all groups in society – e.g. of politics, business, labour, education, social services, culture, religion, sports and the media –  both by the State and on a regional levels.

The Integration Council was first set up in 2002 as an Advisory Board allowing immigrants and locals to jointly look for new ways of living together in peace and equality. It provides a forum for open discussions between stakeholders from various Associations, institutions and businesses with regard to questions concerning the integration of immigrants in Hamburg.

The Integration Council consist of elected Representatives with migration backgrounds who are nominated and elected by registered organizations for immigrants, as well as appointed representatives from various institutions.

The Integration Council 2011 holds a plenary session four times a year under the Chairmanship of the Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Families and Integration;  Detlef Scheele.

Furthermore, it can establish working groups in response to specific issues and occasions. In future, the Integration Council will adopt resolutions by a simple majority (up to now a unanimous vote was required). Recently, the working groups responsible for specific issues have started electing spokespersons to strengthen the Council.

M. Ojo

African Heritage Media and member, Hamburg Journalist Association Germany


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