The vision to transform Delta North into the Agricultural Netherlands of Africa will offer food security, provide manifold income streams for our underpaid farmers & directly inject 120,000 jobs into the Anioma ecosystem.

To get this vision running, we need the energy of young, first level staff – 3000 small holder farmers, academic interns, local produce entrepreneurs, supply chain distributors, farm support staff, farm technicians & managers, drone powered security personnel and agro enthusiasts in general.

These 9 massive self sustaining agro settlements (one in every local government within Delta North) will run exclusively on renewable solar energy. 3000 Anioma youths will be trained & equipped by diaspora based engineers to install these giant panels, connect them and deploy professional maintenance support anywhere in Anioma.

Our already acquired 65 Acre, 550 unit Diaspora Housing Project in Akwukwu – Otulu layouts, with a 6 year construction timeline, will need again: solar technicians, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, welders, carpenters, architects, engineers, building material suppliers and more.

One theme is central: jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs.

Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi’s bold, innovative plan to generate 120,000 jobs within 4 years is not rocket science. It is the convergence between brainpower, leadership capacity, social capital and the most crucial of all: human capital.

Let there be Gbandi, and there was jobs.





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