Apostle Patrick Nwanze, President General, Apex Association of Anioma Indigenes Inc. [AAAI]

Apostle Patrick Nwanze made this statement in a recent press statement in Asaba, capital of Delta State during his interaction with Nigerian and Diaspora-based media organization.

In his opening remark, he reiterated his belief that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. “We have taken the set-out steps like CAC, multipurpose cooperative registration, and courtesy visits, we are on the move by His grace.

I SEE A GREAT AND NEW ANIOMA COMING OUT OF AAAI activists. I urge everyone therefore to be truly committed to this cause.” 

Below is part of the complete address. 

For us to make a difference as AAAI, our commitment is paramount.

A strong foundation of membership must be built.

Our aims and objectives are to: 

• Promote unity amongst Ndi Anioma.

• Make our leaders accountable.

• Influence decisions at all levels of government and Institutions to impact our people positively.

• Initiate and establish collaborations for the security of the lives and properties of the Anioma people.

• Sustain our socio-political momentum by ensuring vibrant representation in govt at all levels.

• Enable a conducive environment for the education and development of our youths.

• Agitate for further government investment in human capital and infrastructural development in our region.

• Promote and preserve our language and culture.

• Transform Anioma into a city capable of attracting international presence, establishing chapters with our Diaspora Indigenes piloting.

• Defence of our people abroad very important.

Our quest is indeed enormous but we draw courage from the words of the late President Fidel Castro of Cuba that says: “When men carry the same ideals in their hearts, nothing can isolate them; a single spirit, a single conscience, a single idea, and a single dignity will sustain them”.

 Our Vision is to increase ANIOMA VOICE and impact positively the quality of life of Delta North people, by promoting good governance and good citizenship, while our mission is to sensitize us on the security of our region and to revolutionize the standard of living, by drawing government attention to areas of our community need/demand account of stewardship.


IDEAS THEY SAY, RULE THE WORLD!’ We can do it. Everyone in Anioma has something to offer, no man is empty, we are all gifted, and it’s the WILL to offer service that is being sorted for.

I would ENCOURAGE us to see beyond this vision, and also encourage us to JOINTLY own this vision and make the ANIOMA PROJECT OURS! 

Three sets of people are needed to take us to our destination:

1) Philanthropists poised to change the norm

2) Brave, bold, and strong-willed to champion the required change and 

3) The academic and resource persons to write, articulate and ask the questions.

Aside from these, we need journalists willing to publish us (sometimes pro bono).

Thank you all again for being part of the press conference and for identifying with AAAI.

Everyone matters, no contribution is worthless.

Long live Nigeria

Long live Delta State

Long live Anioma

Long live AAAI.

Your chief servant

Apostle Patrick Nwanze

President General, Apex Association of Anioma Indigens Inc., Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sure Sufficiency Resources Limited


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