Every vote that we had put in the ballot box, is a down payment made, a seed sown, a reflection of our values, and validation of the moral, leadership & ideological construct of the candidate(s) we voted for in the 2023 election, (that is where the people’s votes counted).

We cannot sow cassava and expect to harvest coco yam. We cannot sow rice and expect to harvest cassava. What we sow is what we will harvest.

In most normal democracies, this video is more than enough to trigger a widespread condemnation and opposition call for investigation amidst unprecedented socio-economic misery in Nigeria, exacerbated by widespread insecurity and worsened by price increases in fuel and food items. But This is Nigeria of 2023!

As eyes are now on the judiciary, the ball is in the court of the opposition members in the Senate to publicly reject these prayers to their Bank accounts to demonstrate to Nigerians that they represent a new Nigeria where the people come first unless they want to tell us that they are now sadly part of the Nigerian political establishment where ideology and good governance are mere election rhetorics.

Kenneth Chibuogwu Gbandi
ADC Deputy National Chairman [Diaspora Engagement] & 2023 Senate Candidate for Delta North


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