Every vote you put in that ballot, every thumbprint you inscribe on that vote tablet, is a down payment made, a seed sown, and a validation of the moral, leadership & ideological construct of the candidate you have in(vested) your seed (vote) in.

In farming-harvest words…

Just the way you cannot plant agbado and reap cassava, you cannot plant ineptitude and reap excellence. You cannot vote a tyrant and expect equity & fairness. You cannot empower a looter & demand accountability.

When you put that seed (vote) in the ballot, you set in motion a sequence of events that are many times irreversible. Just the same way the seed never comes back in singular form, neither does the leader(s) you invest your vote in. They always become a bigger version (seed) of what they really are

So….it’s not so hard to deduce.

He who loots and plunders will loot more. He who usurps power and hijacks public & private property will do more. But he who serves the people, will create more opportunities for Anioma’s collective enrichment, and not just a preferred few.

All men are identical in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they differ. The true test of a leader, therefore, are his actions, because they express his priorities. Strip the man of his power & titles, and wealth, and promises, and place a demand on his inner virtue

To him who has, more will be added unto him. That’s the power of that PVC in your wallet.

I go with Kenneth Gbandi for Senate





Chukwu Chigoziem


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