– Chiedu OBAYI

It was one of the most glamorous and ubiquitous election in our modern time.

The premier Igbo union  in Diaspora , NZUKO NDIGBO  Hamburg  Germany  had  a peaceful and transparent election on the 15th July 2017 with a good number of International observers  including  Professor  Anthony  Onyishi  who represented the  President of OHAN`EZE NDI IGBO ,Dr, John  NWODO  Jr . It was a day set not for unproductive sing songs or monotonous rhetoric but for the actualization of Igbo unity in Hamburg. A large number of concerned Igbos for peace and fraternity from other parts of Germany overwhelmingly turned up to brighten the faithful day.

Engr,  Charles   Njoku was the chief electoral officer together with  former  Inspector  of  Police , Chief Desmond  Iyke  Okolo  and Chief  Augustine  Bazooka  LELE  (a philanthropist and a Multi millionaire  Businessman) (A man among men)

 With a short introduction to voters, the electoral board   evolved the fastest and uncomplicated system of voting   nurtured with transparency for a bona fide election. Every member of the union got a   Voting card where all the contesting offices were inserted and for the candidate of choice to be Inserted respectively.

Voting started shortly after the aspiring candidates manifestoes followed by a transparent counting. The most  interesting part of this historic day was the Zoning system  where  the seven  Igbo speaking  states were carried along  and  this  have been  the burning  desire of every Igbo  person in Diaspora.

Chief Dr,  Ebere OBIOHA,  from  owere isi  Oji in Orlu L.G .A of  Imo state  carried the day  as the elected   Chairman  of  NZuko  Ndigbo  Hamburg Germany  with 98 % vote.   Chief  Emma  OBIAKO as vice chairman  from Anambra state  ,  Industrial Engineer  Martin OBAYI  as Secretary from Enugu State , Architect   Sir Franklin  Nosiri ,  Financial  Secretary from  Imo state   , Chief  Dr,  Emeka   OKOYE,  Treasurer  , Anambra state  and a host of  other elected Officers from their respective zones .

In his key note speech, DR, OBIOHA open heartedly thanked the union members but made it clear that his first priority will be to unite the Igbos at this time of prevailing importance. “Our surname is IGBO and no one can divide us “he said.  Dr, OBIOHA is happily married and blessed with Children.

In administration he has   managed and represented a lot of unions with loud able accreditations in bridging the gap between our differences as Igbos.   Dr, Obioha is articulate in speeches, artistic in sensibility, balanced in judgment, fair in connection and Noble in Ambition.

On the 23rd September 2017, Dr, Obioha   and his executives will   be inaugurated as the new frontiers in the making of a united Igbo nation in Hamburg Germany.    An estimation of 7000 guests from all over the globe will be coming to grace the occasion.  We wish them well and may God solidly stand behind them. AMEN

Chiedu OBAYI (reporting from House of Menu) for Heritage Magazine Germany


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