Eileen-Mary Posch Oduro

-Education as a „tool for success in life“


The education sector in Ghana currently do not have sport specialist schools to cater for the needs of aspiring young athletes nor does it have special needs schools for the disabled, a fundamental flaw in our education system. I hope to establish an education institution which will be of beneficiary to Ghanaian society as a whole by establishing an integration school for sports and languages, which encompass the ideology of giving children of all walks of life the fundamentals of basic education.


Meshama integrated school of sports and languages will provide state of the art educational and multi-purpose facility which will cater for all children regardless of their background. I hold a strong believe that Ghanaians in general will appreciate such an institution. Such an institution would give an opportunity to the less advantage to work at the same level within the same school with emphasise placed on sports and languages besides the national curricular subjects.  It is a well known fact that sports can play a crucial role in fostering community harness and talented athletes can be nurtured towards national and international recognition.


The institution will be committed to the well-being and educational needs of less advantage children in the Accra metropolis and by providing the necessary platform needed to promote the welfare and interest for all persons who are disabled and of school going age. Sports and languages such as German and French would be at the forefront of the institution’s core curriculum as well as the national curriculum. This in effect should make any transition to any of the countries tertiary institutions possible.

As a parent and a social worker, I have always envisaged education as a “tool for success in life” as such, I strive to educate my children and foster children in the best possible way.  I have been in a privileged position to help children thus by providing children in Ghana who have the ability to excel in sports, languages, and above all education which will bode well within the country and society at large.  It will be unjust not to support the good cause of this project and I will urge Ghanaians of all walks of life to support the vision of Meshama integration school of sports and languages. For more information, please do visit our website: www.mashema.com


Eileen-Mary Posch Oduro

Ghana Union Vise President Hamburg

NPP-Germany National Organizer



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