Indianapolis, IN—On August 13th, Global Village Welcome Center will welcome and engage local community leaders and state representatives during the bi-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Legislative Summit 2023. Organizers Adetunji Adeleke of Pristine Africa, Inc. and 2022 Indiana HD-30 Candidate Robin Williams hope the event will foster mutual exchanges of ideas, policy positions, showcase of projects and legislation topics.
A collaboration of members of Indiana-based Africa focused groups will represent the State and showcase their organizations and projects. Organizations including Africans in the Diaspora, Friends of Africa and Americans for Community Development and Opportunities will make presentations at the event, which will spotlight visiting Georgia State Legislators Segun Adeyina (GA HD-110) and Gabe Okoye (GA HD-102).
“Africa has come centre stage in the world, and the inclusion of people of African descent should matter in shaping statewide, national, continental and world affairs or conversations,” opined Adeleke on the importance and potential impact of the event.
“We believe that a non-partisan, non-political gathering will welcome and align with the community, while incorporating inclusion across all parties, races, ethnic, religious, demographic points of view,” stated Adeleke.
“Through this interaction, we can also be partners in each other’s progress, morally, financially and collaboratively in many more ways than we can imagine now.”
The “Hoosier Hospitality Delegate Meet & Greet” takes place at the Global Village Welcome Center, located at 4233 Lafayette Road in Indianapolis this Sunday, August 13th from 3:00-6:00 PM. The event is free.
For more information call 317-728-8407. Contact: Robin Williams Eaton


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