Richard Aborowa

Outstanding Nigerian Students in Germany 2014

A special report on Nigeria, as part of the 100 Years celebration of Nigeria featured the most outstanding Nigerian students in Germany, 2014. The aim is to give recognition to exceptional students of Nigerian origin. Not only have they excelled academically, they have sacrificed time to volunteer for good causes and also positively influence their local community. Meet one of them, Richard Aborowa (University of Gottingen) is a University of Gottingen trained medical doctor who works at a Heidekreis Klinikum Walsrode Hospital in Walsrode. In addition to his academic achievements, he was the leader in various students and youth groups where he was a member. He demonstrated leadership qualities amongst his peers, colleagues and within the African community. He was also a major organizer of the Nigerian students in Germany (ANSIG) gathering in Gottingen, in 2011. Full list of the outstanding Nigerian students in Germany in the print Edition of African Heritage magazine” 100 most influential Africans in Germany Edition”



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