Appreciation to all NIDO members that came out for NIDO GERMANY AGM 2023 in Berlin Germany, on Saturday, June 17, 2023, at Koloniestrasse 29, 13359 Berlin, Wedding, the first in-person in over 4 years.

Chief Uche Sunday Alphonsus Ojiodu-Ambrose (Toni Tuklan) a renowned entertainment guru and relation to the Legendary Nigerian Artist Ras Kimono, who until his ektvt was the Vice President NIDO Germany, head of NIDO Germany delegation to Ireland and member of NIDO Europe on Sports Icon, expressed his Special appreciation after his election on behalf of his team. He also thanked all those online who could not make it to Berlin. He assured all members of NIDO Germany that the Caretaker Team was elected by the house taking into consideration NIDO General Assembly resolution of 13 May 2023 Nigerian and with the sensitive diverse nature of Nigeria to get down to work in fulfillment of uniting all members in pursuance of the homeland development

He congratulated all the elected members of the Caretaker committee including, Hajia Saratu Hamza, Ms. Chinelo Ntagu, Samson Itodo, Dr. Onyebuchi as they begin the following tasks and mandate assigned to them by the General Assembly including but not limited to

I. To receive the Audit report and share same with the General Assembly without delay.

II. To set up an election committee in line with (Article 20) of the NIDO Germany Constitution that requires a mandatory 3-month period before an election.

III. To set up experts to review the already approved amended constitution to register same in the court.

IV. To set up a committee to investigate the merit or demerit of the petition filed by 5 of the 8 Exco members against the NIDO Germany on Financial matters.

Detailed communication will follow

Chief Uche Sunday Alphonsus Ojiodu-Ambrose (Toni Tuklan)


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