Charlotte Zimpel

Zimpel moved back to Germany in 2015 having spent a year a half in Düsseldorf in 2010. She is a full-time mother and works part-time for a local retail firm in Hamburg. 

Zimpel like to describe herself as an Earth citizen with a zest for life. A multilingual, based in Hamburg with roots in South Africa (SA), Zambia and Zimbabwe. 

In our first KYC meeting, it took less than 30 munities to discover that her passion is in issues relating mainly to women and children. She believes that anyone in any place can contribute to bringing about positive change in the lives of others. “We are all gifted with something that others may benefit from”, says Zimpel.

She has a professional background is in public relations, media and events management spanning over ten years, during which she has worked with and for high profile individuals, celebrities and brands in retail, property and finance in South Africa. One of such professional background experience is rooted in her previous company, “Zimpel Events and Communications” helping women-owned Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa with services such as general business acumen, compiling business and media strategies, representation at functions, translations, internal communication plans, press releases, media training, and personal etiquettes amongst other.

Back in SA, she was a member, strategist and copywriter for Leading Women Of Africa and Khatala Staffing amongst other. 

She served as a board member of the Cape Town Press Club, The Zanethemba Trust and the South African Women Entrepreneurs Network.

She loves writing, traveling, networking and spending time with her family. Zimpel is a down to earth, charismatic being with a zest for life and love for fellow humans. She is married with two teenage sons.

She is currently a member of the International Women’s Club, Female Leadership 4.0 and a volunteer at the Stadtteilhaus (City Area) Lurup in Hamburg.

She is an ardent speaker who believes that motivating others to not only have and follow their dreams. It helps them to utilize the resources at their disposal in order to live their dreams. “This is where true empowerment lies”. 

If you are already exited, you can reach Charlotte Zimpel


Skype: Charlotte.nakana.zimpel

Faith Oloruntoba (Deputy Editor-in-Chief)


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