The Delta North senatorial candidate of the African Democratic Congress ADC declared that he will work with any governor elected by the good people of Delta State, stressing that the Senate race is not about himself but about the good people of Delta North, Delta State, and Nigeria in general. It’s time to elect servant leaders and not Lords he said. 

Gbandi said that he agrees with a diaspora compatriot, Frederick Odorige, who noted recently that It is a “distinguished” national shame that in the 9th national assembly, at least 11 legislators had ongoing corruption cases. These are the individuals making laws for Nigerians.

I have come with a political fresh breath to the Senate and I have something to offer my people which is why I have to leave my comfort zone in Germany, one of the best countries in the world to come to Nigeria to serve my People. We need a servant – Senator that is humble, listens to his people, accessible, and can successfully harness Anioma’s diversity and rich cultural heritage nationally and internationally. 

Gbandi made this remark to journalists at Akwukwu Igbo yesterday during an event when asked if he could be able to work with the APC or PDP governor if elected to the Senate under ADC.


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