Gbandi: Appreciation & Acceptance

I am most grateful to Apostle Patrick Nwanze the President General and Prof Adaobi Ugbomeh the Assistant General Secretary of the Apex Association of Anioma Indigens Inc (AAAI) for the letter of appointment dated 19.03.2023.

I am proud of my ancestral Anioma roots and traditions and respect for our culture. I ran for Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of my people as I have done actively for the past 3 decades of my life both locally and in the diaspora, to harness Anioma’s diversity and rich cultural heritage nationally and globally in particular and Delta state and Nigeria in general.

Regardless of the monumental shortfalls of the 2023 election and the outcome, the zeal to contribute to promoting unity amongst Ndi Anioma, to influence decisions at all levels of government and institutions to impact our people positively, sustain our socio-political momentum, and to ensure vibrant representation in govt at all levels has not dimmed one bit.

This appointment will offer me yet another privilege and the platform to join hands with distinguished Anioma sons and daughters in search of Anioma development, to collectively work towards an enabling and conducive environment for the education and development of our youths, and to make Anioma Nation the destination for Global Investment and a regional hub for human capital development while promoting and preserving our language and culture.

It’s on these common goals and aspirations that I gladly accept my appointment as the Co-Ordinator General Diaspora Engagement for the Apex Association of Anioma Indigens Inc (AAAI).

As Co-Ordinator General, Diaspora Engagement, I will leverage my international leadership experience & networking in Europe and across the globe to galvanize all Anioma Indigens and organizations in diaspora not only to fully support and participate at all levels of AAAI polity but also to bring their wealth of knowledge for the upliftment of the well-being of our people. Leadership is all about selfless service and changing lives positively, nothing more, nothing less. I appeal to all the good and loving people of Aniona home and abroad to assist me and join hands with me to justify the confidence bestowed on me by the apex body.

I appreciate the leadership of the Apex Association of Anioma Indigens Inc (AAAI) ably led by Apostle Patrick Nwanze, the President General of the Apex body, and the entire members and BOT for finding me able and capable of this selfless service. I promise by the Grace of God to put in my very best for Oganihu Anioma.

Yours in Service

Kenneth Chi Onye bu Ogwua Gbandi


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