Earlier this week, Hon. Sir Tochukwu Okere, Chairman of the House Committee on Diaspora, welcomed representatives from the German Embassy, the International Trade Center (ITC), and the International Agency for Return and Reintegration Assistance (IRARA) in Abuja.

The delegation, led by Lisa Apitz, First Secretary Refugee, Migration, and Humanitarian Assistance for Nigeria and the ECOWAS region, along with delegates from IRARA and ITC, came to discuss initiatives aimed at supporting small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) through various support programs.

Their mission was to brief Hon. Sir Tochukwu Okere on Germany’s efforts to assist Nigerians who voluntarily return to Nigeria but face challenges with relocation and reintegration. They outlined Germany’s training programs and detailed plans for the integration process, which will guide the returnees or groups through their resettlement journey.

According to Mr. Ben Beuchel, Head of Refugees at ITC, trained individuals will be established through IRARA to assist these returnees upon their arrival in Nigeria.

Hon. Sir Tochukwu Okere warmly welcomed the delegation and assured them of the committee’s support, emphasizing that such programs are crucial for the empowerment and reintegration of Nigerians in the diaspora willing to return home.

He encouraged them to engage with both domestic and international platforms to raise awareness about their programs, believing that they could bring significant benefits to Nigeria in the long run, potentially introducing new technologies to the country.

The Chairman requested more time to discuss the initiatives with the other 36 members of his committee and the Honourable Speaker of the 10th Assembly. He affirmed that the House Committee on Diaspora is open to further discussions that could improve the lives of Nigerians both at home and abroad.

The meeting, held in his office at the National Assembly Abuja, marks a significant step towards enhancing the integration and support systems for Nigerians returning from the diaspora, ultimately contributing to the nation’s development.

AH Abuja


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