In about 25 Days we will free Delta North from political scandals, corruption, Godfatherism, and bad representations. I have toured towns and villages in all 9 Delta North LGAs, worshiped and prayed together in faith, and joined some of you in social media fora, marketplaces, and in town hall meetings in a robust debate like no other candidate running for Senate in Delta North. During all my interactions, a constant feature across Anioma is the high level of neglect, insecurity, banditry, poverty, youth unemployment, corruption, and bad representation. In about 25 days you have the historic opportunity to change the arrogance of an ineffective, over-bearing one-party political status of Delta North. Your vote reflects your expectations and values and is a validation of the character and ideology of the candidate you are voting for the *SENATE*. I bring along fresh political breath, sustainable youth capacity-building initiatives, diaspora investment, constituency social re-engineering, and global legislative experience that addresses the needs of youth, the old and less privileged in Delta North. I humbly seek your vote and endorsement in your families and circle of influence. Vote ADC-Gbandi.*[Ebe ana ekwe n’aka]* for Senate Delta North 




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